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Debra Messing

We all know her as Grace Adler on this show....

Anyone WOWED by Deb? Well her range of acting leans MORE towards the world of comedy as we speak. She did do one that was a wee bit different from the usual titled Mothman Prophecies w/ Richard Gere..... I would like to see her branch out MORE into other genres in the future....
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I hate "Will & Grace", but I still adore her. She holds her own most of the time; were the material better (writing mostly), I think she would learn and improve with it. I'm becoming more concerned that she is too thin, which is unfortunate. I have a weakness for redheads, and this beauty is no exception. I hope that she continues to work and improve. In the meantime, YAY from me.

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Ditto Jeo's sentiment. I hate Will & Grace, but LOVE her! I thought she was great on Ned & Stacy back in the day w/ Thomas Haden Church. She's hilarious and way underappreciated for her comedic abilities. Plus she's hot as shit. In a good way, not like, 98.6 degrees, as one would imagine shit to be.
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I'd love Messing around with Debra.

All. Night. Long.



Oh, and I also find her funny and quite charming.

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Groovalicious chick. YAY.
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She gets huge points from me for being a redhead. I too am a sucker for them. She goes right up there with Julianne Moore and Susan Sarandon as my favorite redheads. I also think she is talented and hope she continues acting long after Will And Grace ends. I do like that she does a lot of the physical comedy on the show though.

I'm becoming more concerned that she is too thin, which is unfortunate.
I used to think that also, but I think she kept on some of those pounds after having her baby and I think she looks great.

Huge Yay from me
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