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Genre: Horror/Suspense
Behind the Scenes…
Directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky (Anatomy 2).
Written by Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Inheritors).

Notable Actors/Actresses: Franka “Creep” Potente & Anna “Scene of the Crime” Loos.

Running Time: 103 min.

Skin: None.
Gore: Little.
In Short…
A promising young medical student gets caught up in a web of mystery involving other medical students.

In long…
I’ve been rooting around in the cheap bins for just a little too long. It’s getting to the point that I started to feel like a blind buying god with such instinctive buys as Duel to the Death, Legend of the Eight Samurai, and Hercules in New York. For a while, I felt like anything I picked up was the next diamond in the ruff. Luckily, nobody ends up being right forever. When I picked up this “special edition” for less than six dollars, I thought I’d made another genius purchase. That, with patience, I had beaten the expensive DVD system with just a few months of waiting. Turns out the system pulled one on me and I barely got my money’s worth.

But if nothing else, at least I got taken down a peg.

Anatomy is a German production and can basically be described as a slasher movie. Yeah, it does have a little more meat on it’s bones than your average stalk and slash, but the essence of the movie’s action is of the typical slasher nature. There’s a plot, there’s a conspiracy, there’s the evil secret society and there’s a depraved , unstable ox waiting for the next victim to come down the shoot. So, even though we have a movie that spends quite a bit of time on the evil conspiracy, I still call it a slasher because it ends of boiling down to nothing more than derivative stalk sequences and red herrings.

I like a good ole’ slasher once in a while, but this movie sets up everything to sway more towards the thriller end of the stick and when it does a 180 on the entire situation, all of the extensive development and atmosphere felt nullified. This is disappointing as I was ready for the flick to settle into a deliberately paced venture that involved characters doing a little more than running around playing a bloody game of hide and seek.

The unveiling of the entire nefarious plot felt botched as well. If the movie had spent more time building up the suspicious characters and less of the bloody thrills, the last third of the movie could have been a happily gory bloodbath. Instead, Anatomy goes the way of many modern horror films (Ghost Ship comes to mind) by failing to up the ante in the middle portion of the movie and utterly collapses when the final third isn’t even half as interesting as the initial set-up. The difference is that Ghost Ship was at least partially engaging, which is more than I can say for the flaccid finale of this movie.

On the bright side, an integral part to this movie’s strength comes from it’s visual appeal. There are some atmospheric bits, especially in the locations and sets, and the blood does flow freely. At least the movie gets all of it’s viscera thrown in before the movie settles in to a formulaic pattern of mediocrity. Not to mention a few genuinely chilling moments. Most of the characters are also developed to some degree or another, though it’s not much of a challenge figuring out who’s going to see the end credits.

Ruzowitzky’s direction is harmless for the most part, flashy at times and ponderous in appropriate moments. He strikes me as a good director, with conviction to his product; however, his style isn’t personal. He’s got that MTV style of directing, lots of flashy cuts and a montage or two in there as well. Anymore, it seems like he went to the same filmmaking school as every other post-Scream slasher director did. Again, he’s not a bad director. He’s got some control unlike some people… David Lynch for example. He’s just got the same feeling as his movie: a painfully generic presentation of a unique product.

Weighing in the positives and the negatives, I was more than disappointed by the missed opportunities Anatomy presented. It’s okay for slasher fans, but it’s too slow to match up with some of the more distilled hack and slashers; however, it’ll probably disappoint those looking for a fleshy thriller. As it is, it’s “just another body count flick” promising you the moon, then stealing your mailbox the middle of a Sunday Night and ordering sausage when you‘ve CLEARLY stated it gives you indigestion. The bastard.

Rated on a Scale of Zero to Five:


“Well, if you needed another reason not to go to the doctor…”

On or Off at a Party?

Cheese Factor:

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You are a bit hard on this movie I think it's a pretty good slasher with added style and some cruelty even if it's not like in the giallos.

Watch this movie in german.
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i really like Anatomy, for one thing its a hell of a lot better than most of the crap coming out of hollywood. the acting, aside from a few actors, was pretty damn good overall. it also had a nice script that was also pretty funny at times. there were also some really nice scenes and sets. the soundtrack was also great

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I enjoyed it, it's a macabre slasher with some really messed up bits (the body exposition thing is so gross). Also, it has Franka Potente, whom I love.

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Originally posted by Jason13thh
You are a bit hard on this movie I think it's a pretty good slasher with added style and some cruelty even if it's not like in the giallos.

Watch this movie in german.
I did. I still don't see why I'm hard on the movie, I gave it significant props. It just doesn't follow the course that would make the best of it's build up.

May be the sequel will be more my taste.
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Originally posted by Gluttony
May be the sequel will be more my taste.
I saw the sequel this week. It's fucking TERRIBLE. Bears no relation to the first film (bar the wheeling in of Franka Potente to spout exposition in 3 scenes of about 30 seconds each). It's light on the gore, has a leading man so wooden you could make shelves out of him and a hideously stupid story. Avoid it like the plague.
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Just watched this one last night, after an impulse buy on ebay..... I was rather impressed too.... That hall of bodies was some crazy shit.... the acting was surpisingly good as well, although the frequent changes in plot and story direction were somewhat annoying... Not a classic by any means but an entertaining hour and a half...

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I saw the first film: Anatomy and also recommend to watch it in German with English subtitles.

What really freaked me out is when I found out that there was an exibit in Los Angeles which has human bodies dissected and frozen in plastic (plasticene?)_. Torso split and frozen, heads sectioned and then displayed. Sort of like the horse that is sectioned apart in 'The Cell".

I'm not kidding you! This human exibit tours around the world. I have not seen this medical/science tour, but I met a few people who have, so it is all too real!!

AFter hearing about this real life exibit this film took on a new meaning for me. Keep this in mind when you check it out.
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