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The Informers

Just finished Glamorama (after Less Than Zero) and I'm a bit under half way through the book. It's good, but the protagonists are hard to identify during the scene changes. I'm on a B.E.E marathon and I plan to swoop up every book of his but American Psycho; I loathe reading books after seeing the movie. Oh, and I haven't seen Rules of Attraction so that's a contendor.

Damn though, this guy has a great, if not peculiar, writing style.
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Read American Psycho.

Seriously. Do it. It's better than the movie by far.
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Rules Of Attraction will be my next read. Can't do American Psycho though, I refuse to read books after seeing the movie.

It's just boring because my vision of the characters is askew.

i.e if I read the book, the only character that will come to mind being like Patrick Bateman is, as you all know, Christian Bale. And that just sucks
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Read Rules of Attraction too.... Worth it indeed.
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