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Anyone Listen To Audiobooks?

Over the course of the last few days i've been listening to the new Neil Gaiman book Anansi Boys on my iPOD on my way to and from work (and at lunch time). It's read by Lenny Henry and as much as i'm a big fan of READING books i've found the experience of listening to Anansi Boys to be a bit of a revelation. Does anyone else listen to audiobooks and are there any in particular that you would recommend? I'm into horror, fantasy and sci-fi mainly but i'll read just about anything providing it's good. I do however find that whether or not I can listen to an audiobook depends on another factor. Having tried several before settling on Anasi Boys I found that my enjoyment hinges as much on who is reading the story as it does on the actual story itself. Some people have the sort of voices that could render the most exciting story as boring as calculus (my apologies to fans of calculus). Anyway...any recommendations would be heartily appreciated.
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So Anasi Boys is well read? I was thinking about picking up the audio cd.
I really enjoyed all of the Neil Gaiman works that I have on cd. 2 plays for voices is a really good buy Psychocandy.

I have the audio cd for Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel and that's another good listen plus a fantastic story to boot.
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