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Guess the Celebrity! (Picture Trivia - 01/17/06)

Hey everybody,

I would like to start a new daily trivia game for everyone and I think it would be really sweet to do and a great way to share some awesome photos together. So, to start off today and the following days, I am going to show you a piece of a movie star photo and then you can all guess who that celebrity is and the next day, I will reveal who the celebrity is, post the full picture and then start another question. I will congratulate all those who figured it out and post a bunch of pictures as well! Cool!

So, to begin, click on the picture below and tell me and everyone else who you think it is. The pictures are very fair and should give you enough to take a guess.

First mystery movie star.....(I'll start with an easy one!)
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Too easy. Monica Bellucci.

Although, I like this idea and love to look at hot celebs, so I say keep it coming.
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Nah, man that's not Monica Belluci!!! That's Jeff, the guy who works on our gas lines. I'd recognize that ass crack anywhere!!
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In order to keep the threads in our CELEB TALK/GOSSIP forum focused on actual CELEB TALK & GOSSIP, we are moving all pictures/guessing threads to the CELEB-O-METER forum. Please follow those rules in the future as well. Thanks.
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Yea, that is definantly Monica Bellucci
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Originally posted by TylerDurden182
Yea, that is definantly Monica Bellucci

Yeah, I recognise the dress.
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