Old 09-30-2006, 03:55 PM

First of all To M_Burlock I believe she shows T&A and thats about it

ok added dates for

Jet Li's Fearless
Mike Judges Idiocracy
The Night Listener

and Buena Vista is expected this week to send in early details for
Step Up and Invincible

plus possibly the date for A Scanner Darkly...then i beleive December will be done

Old 10-08-2006, 08:42 AM
Added the dates for

American Pie Presents The Naked Mile
The Protector
School for Scoundrels

Plus some Rumored dates

should have some Details this week on
Invincible and Step up
Old 10-10-2006, 09:55 AM
OK heres the update this week so far

Added dates for The Illusionist and A Scanner Darkly

Date changes for Idiocracy, Material Girls, AND Miami Vice

Buena Vista is looking to move Step up out of December and into January, but will still Release InVincible before the Holidays to capitalize on Football and the Eagles
Old 10-11-2006, 07:53 PM
added dates for

Everyones Hero


The Departed
Old 10-11-2006, 09:28 PM
Thanks a lot for the dates REALDVDARTIST.
Sucks that the Departed is only coming in February, but that's all right.
Old 10-13-2006, 10:55 AM
dates added for

Invincible and Step up

which makes December 19th Infamous for having at least 10 A titles being released in one day
Old 10-13-2006, 01:22 PM
cool, best gift for xmas!!!
Old 10-23-2006, 04:00 PM
Old 10-25-2006, 03:55 PM
sorry.....it has been a dry two weeks.

i did manage to squeeze these release dates out of the studios

but everything that is being announced i already posted weeks ago
IE....Wicker Man, School For Scoundels, etc

but here they are

dates for

Artie Langes Beer leage
Broken Bridges
The Covenant
The Marine
Old 10-30-2006, 09:17 AM

New Street Dates

One night with the King
This film has not yet been rated

Date Change

The Protector has been pushed back two weeks
Old 10-30-2006, 04:24 PM
There will be alot of updates this week and next

added the Date for Flicka

date change for School for Scoundels...moved back three weeks
Old 10-31-2006, 02:26 PM
and the week continues....lol

Dates added

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker
DOA: Dead or Alive
The Gathering
Everyones Hero moved to march..to be replaced by flicka

Should have a couple more dates before the week is over
Old 10-31-2006, 03:05 PM
REALDVDARTIST, of all the days of the week the studios could've choosen to be the day that new releases are released, why Tues.?
Old 10-31-2006, 04:07 PM
Thats actually a funny question

Back in the eightys and early ninetys. they released them on wednsdays. their logic was to have two movie days in a week. one for the stuff going into theatres the other going onto video.

remember back when VHS was king. it was before blockbuster and Hollywood started the revenue sharing craze. Studios would sell their new releases to Distributers who then sold them to video stores. so They would charge the distributer around $69.99 per copy. the distributer would then charge the video retailer $79.99 - $99.99 per copy. which is why when they first came out, video stores would make you pay membership fees. so if you lost or stole the copy. they would make their money back off of it. The video retailer would then complain that they had a hard time making their money off of the tapes because as soon as friday rolled around, everyone went to the movies and nobody sat in. except maybe babysitters. and they would always go to the cheap section. believe it or not for mom and pop video stores 70% of their revenue was from adult tapes. because as soon as rentrak came out with revenue sharing. which would sell the video store a copy at $6.00 and then take a percentage of the rental fee every time it rented out. at first it seemed like a good idea. but they also set the max and min of how many copys you can order. so take like me. when scent of a woman came out with Al Pacino. i was stuck with 25 of them. in a small store with maybe 1000 customers. do you really think after the first week all 25 would keep renting over and over. nope.

so eventually when hollywood and blockbuster burst onto the scene. they did direct revenue sharing from the studios. putting the mom and pops out of business.

but to answer your question. the studios eventually moved the street date from wedneday to tuesday so stores could make a profit before fridays theatre releases.

occasionally, certain studios like to try and beat the others by releasing them either a monday before a holiday like yesterdays Mission Impossible 3. or a Friday release.

hope this helps
Old 11-01-2006, 04:44 PM
Why not Monday?
Old 11-01-2006, 07:42 PM
tough one there with no real answer. an educated guess would have its too close to the weekend films
Old 11-02-2006, 11:37 AM

New street dates

Bandidas with Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz
and Texas chainsaw Massacre: The Begining
Old 11-08-2006, 10:03 AM

Added the True Dates for The Guardian, and Sony Bumping back GridIron Gang...

Sony also Moved Zoom out of December. No new date was given, however the New Rumored date is Mid-January
Old 11-21-2006, 08:27 AM
update plsssss!!!!
Old 11-21-2006, 01:31 PM
added the date for Zoom

other then that. until next week, its gonna be slow for updates
Old 11-21-2006, 02:43 PM
lol ok i managed to gather a couple of dates

The Prestige
and Zoom

hope this helps

if i get more i will update
Old 11-26-2006, 05:51 PM

New Date added for Trust the Man

date changes for

The Marine bumped up two weeks to Jan 30
Zoom pushed back a week to Feb 13
The Departed Bumped up a week to Feb 13

will have lots of dates this upcoming week and the first week in dec
Old 11-28-2006, 08:31 AM
added the date for

Catch a Fire
Old 11-28-2006, 08:59 AM
Holy shit. The Prestige and The Departed out on the same day?! Just a couple days after my birthday, but that's okay. Still freakin' awesome!
Old 11-28-2006, 01:49 PM
Originally posted by dennisv
Holy shit. The Prestige and The Departed out on the same day?! Just a couple days after my birthday, but that's okay. Still freakin' awesome!
Hell yeah. I'll be getting both.
Old 11-29-2006, 03:09 PM
added the street date for Grudge 2

should still have more dates coming up for

Marie Antoinette
Man of the Year
Little Children
Flags of our Fathers
Running with Scissors
The Queen
and Yes Borat and Flushed away
Old 11-30-2006, 01:14 PM
I'll be getting Borat on the day it comes out. I loved it!!
Old 11-30-2006, 10:26 PM
added dates for



Shut up and Sing
Old 12-01-2006, 08:52 PM


Flushed Away
Man of the year
The Return
Lets go to prison
A good year
Marie Antoniette

A date change for School for Scoundels

and Big news that Black Snake Moan is being pulled from theatres and is now going straight to home video
Old 12-02-2006, 06:35 PM
Originally posted by REALDVDARTIST


Flushed Away
Man of the year
The Return
Lets go to prison
A good year
Marie Antoniette

A date change for School for Scoundels

and Big news that Black Snake Moan is being pulled from theatres and is now going straight to home video

What about Borat?
Old 12-02-2006, 06:57 PM
heard Borat will be released in March
Old 12-02-2006, 08:40 PM

Harsh Times
US vs John Lennon

Borat should be the second week in March BTW
Old 12-08-2006, 05:49 PM

Posted dates for

Running with Scissors
Last King of Scotland
Stranger then Fiction
Charlottes Web
Night at the Museam

also right now Borat is slated for 3/6
Old 12-14-2006, 02:57 PM
Any news/date on Black Christmas I know it aint out yet. Just wondering
Old 12-15-2006, 09:38 PM
date posted for Casino Royale
Old 12-19-2006, 07:02 PM
updated with dates for

Flags of our fathers
Science of Sleep
Old 12-20-2006, 06:13 PM
updated with the date for

For your Consideration
Old 12-23-2006, 04:51 PM
updated with the date for

The Holiday

and rumor has it that both The Return and Harsh times are looking for new dates....with The Return looking at 2/27 and Harsh Times looking at March 13

Have a happy and Safe Holiday
Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
happy Quanza
happy Festivous
Old 12-28-2006, 02:32 PM
"Don't worry, be happy!"
Old 12-29-2006, 09:51 AM

Little Children will release on April 24th

should have alot more next week
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