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Well I haven't asked in 6 days (Minus saturday) AND also for one person's information September is the start of Fall-its not summer still. Summer is June-August. Also thank you and I'm sorry for any swearing or whatnot or troublesome stuff alright.

So anyway has there been any new dvd release dates of other movies including the one I asked about? I'm just curious how often do they have a new list of new releases that people look over or so. Is it like once every two weeks or so?
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Anyhoo... and now back to our regularly scheduled thread:

So... Avengers, September 25 huh... that's pretty bad ass!!

Plus a good thing about Marvel switching companies from Paramount to Disney is: Disney 3D blu rays are usually pretty decently priced on release week and they generally have coupons for their big titles on release week!

Also just wanna say Thank you very much again to RUly and Real DVD and Mao for continually updating this thread, I guess things arent always copacetic in this thread, but your hard work is always appreciated!
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Im gonna close this thread and start a Part 2! With 2 thousand and some posts in this thread, why not start a new and updated thread for this! The same way Mao does each month in his forums (Though, I wont be doing this every month, but I feel this thread could use a fresh start!)

Here you go: New Thread is here:



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