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So I just finished reading all of Cerebus. (He's the dude in my avatar.)

I did all 16 books (some 6000 pages) in a few months. Twenty five years of story just like that. The highs were high, the lows were low.

And now I'm fucking depressed.

I can't even think of a story (book, movie, TV show, etc.) that started out so brilliantly that ended so horribly. It's like I've gone on this remarkable, cross counrty journey only to have it end in a train wreck.

Remember how disappointed everyone was with The Matrix sequels? Well, imagine that, like, times a hundred.

Vol 1 - 4: Awesome. The best comics I've ever read. It knocked me out.

Vol 5 - 6: Tedious. Nothing happens. Sad and dark.

Vol 7 - 10: A bipolar mess. When it's on, it's great. When it's off, oh boy, just look away.

Vol 11 - 14: Very slow. Personal. Heart wrenching.

Vol 15 - 16: Complete dissaster that couldn't end quickly enough.

Dave Sim's an asshole, but is also a damn good writer.

God I'm so fucking depressed.
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I agree with you completely. It's all been kind of downhill since Jaka's Story, maybe even Church and State vol 2. There have been some great moments, but the series just never reached the heights of High Society and Church and State, as far as I'm concerned.The final few years were dreadful. I always wondered if the way the series went/ended is how it was envisioned originally, all those years ago. Still, it is a great achievement, and my hat is off to Sim and Gerhard for all the great stories. It is depressing, though.
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reading the actual comics, i got the impression dave sim started worrying more about the state of the comic industry than actually providing a good book. some issues would be 22 pages of imagery, and then a few pages with a few lines of text. Yet the little "editor's corner" of the book would sometimes take up pages and pages full of text about him rambling about the industry, or some similar bs.

i came in around jaka's, never really cared for it too much. my favorites were high society and the church & states, brilliant. he seemed to have a true passion for storytelling back then, and i always thought the artwork was incredible
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I think at some point, probably due to the muted reaction to the end of Church & State, followed by slow motion clunkers like Jaka's Story and Melmoth, that Dave Sim developed a distain for his own fans. And once he unleashed his anti-feminism tirade in #187, and lost half his audience, he really got pissed at his fans, and seemed to intentionally make the story difficult just to test their patience and piss them off.

Then I think Sim started to dislike his own creation, and wrote the story as a way of torturing Cerebus himself. I mean, we're talking about a writer who had the ego to instert HIMSELF into the storyline - twice.

I also think Sim is a paranoid schizsophrenic.
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