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On Tuesday, April 10th from 2:30pm - 3:30pm (EST), HOT FUZZ (opens wide on April 20th) director Edgar Wright, as well as star/co-writer Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (you remember all of them from SHAUN OF THE DEAD, right?), will be on the JoBlo.com movie discussion board to answer any questions that you all might have for them (you can post your questions in this thread starting Wednesday, the 4th though).

This thread is the place to post those questions, but please THINK before posting and folllow these guidelines:

*** No insults. Anyone insulting the lovely chaps will be banned immediately and their posts deleted.

*** Don't ask the same questions as others before you. Please read the queries before yours, otherwise you're wasting your time's and theirs.

*** Don't write a book. Please try to keep your questions short and precise. These men don't have the time to read through your life story....seriously though, please be succinct.

*** Keep personal stuff out of this discussion. We all want to "make it" in the biz, but this chat is NOT the place to offer your screenplay to the guys, etc... Please stick to questions about their film and careers only.


The boys were kind enough to take part in a very successful similar chat for SHAUN OF THE DEAD a couple of years ago, and you can see from their many responses HERE, they were damn funny, funny and gracious in doing so.

Oh and have fun...
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Now that you've done a kick-ass zombie flick, and what looks to be an equally kick-ass cop flick (both comedies, which I like), what's next? romantic comedy? Horror again? Basically I'm wondering if you've got any thoughts on what you're going to next, or have you even thought about it yet?

ps, Shaun of the dead was awesome.
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Does Simon really drop kick an old lady?

If yes, that's hil-ar-i-ous.
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Welcome back to JoBlo!

Did you have a hard time pitching a film seemingly within the cliched genre of the "R-rated buddy cop flick" to the studios?


PS. Great job with the "Don't!" trailer, Edgar. I thought the trailers all added something special to Grindhouse.

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Hi gents,

It's great to see you guys back here and on the big screen!

1) For Nick & Simon: Were you guys blown away when you found out that you're being compared this summer with John McClane or Jason Bourne and as action heroes overall? Was that a huge surprise?

2) For Edgar & Simon: "Did you guys have to research the classic 80's cop movies and cheesy action flicks while writing the script or did you already know everything right off the bat? Was there a lot of influence from a particular film?

Since I first heard of this movie and it's elements, I've always wondered this as I'm a huge fan of that era.

Thanks again guys and I'll be first in line on April 20th!

P.S. Awesome job on the "Don't!" trailer!

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and i have to say both Shaun and Hot Fuzz are 2 of the funniest films ive seen in the last few years, keep it up

what films were you directly drawing from or inspired by when writing Hot Fuzz, did they also inspire the way you portrayed the characters?

also will Spaced ever return?

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job well done on hot fuzz.well done to whoever came up with the line "forget it nic its...sanford."nice little nod to chinatown.

anyway how would you guys feel if hollywood wanted to do a remake of shaun of the dead? .

and did you ever get Timothy Dalton to say "bond james bond" while on set.

greatwork,can`t wait for your next movie you three are working on.
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Hey guys, big fan of both movies, and from what little bits of "Spaced" trickles across the pond. I really only had questions for Simon, though. Edgar and Nick can go relax. You've done nothing wrong.

1.) Simon. Your Dr. Russell Fell character was rediculous. Especially for just a TV special. His teeth were amazing. Any thoughts on bringing him back for something in the future.?


2.) How was it working with Michael Ian Black and David Schwemmer on a comedy (Run Fat Boy, Run), instead of having Edgar there. Was it different?

and now a question for all 3.

3.) "From Shaun Till Dusk." You know it would be amazing. Full of loopholes, probably, but do you think there may ever be a Shaun of The Dead sequel/spinoff? Even some sort of Liz/Shaun romance comedy or Bridget Jones with Diane as the character?

and a huge fan. Of all 3 of you.

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Spaced is a brilliant show, is there any progress coming along with its American dvd release?

Also, will all three of you be reuniting to make another tv show perhaps?

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Hey guys,
First off I want to say I love both Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. Spaced is also one of my favorite tv shows.

How is the La Triviata project coming along. Is it in production or has it been shelved?

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Welcome Back

First of all, thank you for taking some time to answer us fans.

I just wanted to say your films are so refreshing in this Hollywood centered, remake crazy teen flick state. I also can't wait for your faux trailer during Grindhouse.

But anyways, my question for Edgar was how do you feel about film right now? It seems like only a handful of directors are really going out on a limb to make great films.

And for Simon and Nick: Do you ever see yourselves moving from mainly comedy to focus more on dramas or other aspects of film?

Thanks again and keep up the brilliant work!

- Paul
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Thanks for taking time to answer fans questions, the community always appreciates when filmmakers take their time to answer regular schmoes questions.

My question is:

How do you feel the reception of your films differ with American audiences, compared to the UK?
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Thanks for taking the time out

Question :

I heard the writing process with comedies is hard. How do you guys do it? Jokes first, then story, or Story then the jokes?

Also, Simon. Would you direct a movie yourself or just stick to acting?

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First off, great to see you dudes back in the forums once again.

I LOVED Hot Fuzz, loved everything about it...particularly one of the early scenes involving vast quantities of cake, and the insanely BADASS last half hour. Oh and Considine's tremendous 'tache was a joy to behold also.

I was just wondering what films you guys have enjoyed these past few months.

Any favourites from 2006?

How have you found 2007 so far?

Have you seen This Is England? Yowzers, it's good.

Keep up the good work...good luck with the flick in the US.
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How does it work with long-term cohorts such as Jessica Stevenson, Julia Deakin, Mark Heap and Peter Serafinowicz, Joe Cornish, Reece Shearsmith, Dylan Moran and Rafe Spall..(the British "Frat-Pack"?).

How do you avoid disappointing your friends if/when you cannot accomodate them in a movie? I was particularly sad not to see Jessica in 'Hot Fuzz', but presume there was a tactful reason that your old mates - some of them - could not make a cameo?


Unless Edgar won't allow you all to play together any more? He seems like the 'bad' cop parent, that one.
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Why do you guys kick so much ass?
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For Edgar, Simon, and Nick

Now that you guys have established a name for youselves here in America, is there any more hope of getting Spaced released here on DVD? It is the greatest show ever made and it's a real shame that most Americans will never be able to see it.
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Hi guys,

It was so great to see such obvious affection for the zombie genre in SHAUN OF THE DEAD, a movie that had me and my inner geek smiling from start to finish.

How important do you think it is to honor the films that inspired you and got you interested in the art form? And also, are there some favorite action movies that influenced HOT FUZZ?

By the way, I am now harboring an insane sense of jealousy toward all of England because HOT FUZZ is at cinemas there and I have to wait through another few weeks of hearing how much it rocks.

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Hi guys, Alan from the UK here. Yes I have seen Hot Fuzz, yes it is Amazing.

2 questions for you if I may,

1) I attended the world premiere of Hot Fuzz (I even hot-footed it out of the cinema with a 6ft cardboard poster of Hot Fuzz, my wife and I drove us all home in our Skoda Octavia), I also got a signature from Nick, thank you my friend. But Simon, I'm afraid you left me out, admittindly I was only holding some flimsy but of paper that was rain soaked (No Nick, your rain dance did not work). Anyway to the question, Simon, any reason you did not sign my paper, so I can rectify this ready for your next flick?

2) Serious question for all, this is the second big hit for the Trio after Shaun, are you nervous about repeating similar sucesses as individuals such as "Run, Fat boy, Run", "Ant-Man" project and the next series of "Hyperdrive"?

Hope those are good questions, I was going to go with a really original one, such as uploading a picture of my wife's big toe and asking if it looked like a cross between the "lotto lout" Michael Carroll and Radio one's Chris Moyles, which it bloody well does, but I didn't ask that.

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Well, this is certainly a pleasant surprise. It's great to see successful filmmakers in touch with their audience in such a way as this.

Anyways, on to my question. Throughout the many years of its existence, the comedy genre of all film genres has always been the most reliable and liberating source for actors in terms of improvisation. In many cases, comedy films' funniest gags are direct or indirect results of spontaneous, on-set improvisation. That being said, your last two films have been very high-concept, which I would expect requires a more... established base.

My question is, did you guys do any improv on Hot Fuzz (and for that matter, Shaun of the Dead as well), and if so, how much of it would you say is ad-libbed and how much was specifically pre-written in the screenplay?

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Hey guys. Shaun of the Dead is one of my all-time favorite movies, and the anticipation of Hot Fuzz has been killing me for months. On to my questions:

1) Simon and Nick, I'm sure that when people see you out and about they come running to talk to you. My question to you guys is which one of your quotes do you hear the most from random fans?

2) Edgar, your work always impresses me. I can think of countless scenes that just come across as genius. My question to you is which scene that you have directed came out surprisingly better than it looked on paper?

That's it for me, guys. Keep up the great work and remember that us Americans love you guys.

BTW, I loved the fake trailer during Grindhouse. I hope the movie picks up some speed at the box-office; it's a shame that crap like Wild Hogs can do so much better that an amazing experience such as Grindhouse.

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First off, not to sound like a parrot (Hardy har har), I LOVED Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz. You guys can genre-splice like nobodies business. I want you to know that "Yarp" has made it's way into my daily vocabulary. Yes, I feel like a idiot when I say it, but it's like shaving my knuckles, it's just a part of me.

Anyways, onto the questions for you gents.

One, what was it like working with Timothy Dalton? It's just that the man is my favorite Bond, and for some reason I'm interested in knowing if he was a laid-back guy or....not. Seriously, during Hot Fuzz, even though he was the villian, I wanted to be his best friend.

Two, while we're at it, what's your favorite Bond movie?

Three, was there any improv in Hot Fuzz?

If any of you are taking a walk sometime and hear a high pitched scream, that's probably me. I won't bother you with physical appearance, but if you are interested then return the scream.

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In an attempt to aggravate you with like minded questions - Were there a lot of James Bond jokes/pranks on set?

@Simon: What was your inspiration for the Nicholas Angel character? Any particular films/characters you drew from in your portrayal?

-Also, did you have to undergo a lot of firearms training for the gunhandling in the film?

@Simon and/or Edgar: There is a lot of [apparent] physical exertion in the film (running down the shoplifter, vaulting over fences, front flips, granny kicking, etc). My question is, was there a lot of manipulation on Edgar's part to make it LOOK like you were in really great shape (well, atleast moderately good shape) or did you subject yourself to a vigorous training regiment (ala Hilary Swank, granted your ass doesn't look quite as phenomenal as hers, I'm sorry to say). If so, what did this consist of?

@Simon and/or Nick: You guys have an amazing chemistry (in a totally hedero way) on screen. Exactly how long have you guys known each other, and to what extent is your relationship outside of film production?

@Edgar: The tagline for this film (Big Cops. Small Town. Moderate Violence) is fucking ingenius. Who exactly came up with it?

Thanks for taking time to humor the fans, both onscreen and off. You guys kick arse (lame American attempt at diplomacy).

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Could you guys describe the overall working relationship with the swan?

P.S. fun to have seen you all at the City on March 19th.

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My question concerns the film's title -- Where did the idea for the title come from? Who thought of it first?

Thanks in advance, and thank you for taking time to answer questions from the fans.

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Hey guys, what are some of your favorite action films?
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Hello chaps:

Huge fan of Spaced, one of the best UK TV shows ever, and beautifully captured the atmosphere of the UK at the time.

I was wondering just how important it is to you that your work finds success in America? Is there any unecessary pressure put upon you in regards to this?

Also, film lovers in the USA have had to wait for Hot Fuzz for quite a while. Is the delay just as frustrating for you, as it seems to be for them, or does it help in terms of promotion etc....

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first up jolly well done on hot fuzz,i thought it would have been near impossible to come near to shaun of the dead standards but in my opinion you made something equally special and just as memorable.

ok 1 question each

1)to edgar - after the success of shaun was the pressure a lot more intense to make something really special with hot fuzz.

2)to simon - in an early scene you kick all the underage drinkers out of the pub,at the cinema i sneaked my 12 year old boy into the cinema because he's a massive fan of shaun what would nick angel do about such a law breaking act.
he loved hot fuzz to by the way.

3)to nick - have you been approached by corneto to front an ad campaign yet,you would look great on a gondela singing to simon and edgar.
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Greetings, Simon, Nick, E-Ball origin of all that is made of awesome you are comedy gods

Simon, you may recall a young lady whose hurdle of flesh-eating zombies was overcome by a delightful first viewing of Shaun in A2 Media Studies.

My heart swells with admiration from your work and plus its educational value (acknowledges Mr D. Lissaman)

Your writings are pure love - what is the key to your success?

What gave you nightmares as kids? And now?

So I take it you guys like my Fuzz-inspired artwork? (the runner up with the fence jumping and the original Nic Angel sketch in the birthday book from the PeggLeggs) If you don't I swear I'll do better!

Thanks gents, its a real thrill talking to you. Can't wait for those future projects.
Lucy C x

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Old 04-08-2007, 03:24 PM
What did you guys think of "Children of Men"?
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Old 04-08-2007, 03:42 PM
Will there be a special edition of Shaun of the Dead on dvd? Also will there be any more RomZomComs from you guys in the future?

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Old 04-08-2007, 09:27 PM
Did you guys feel that the action genre was the one genre that needed reimagining like with the zombie genre? Or did you just finally want to see a good action movie?
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Old 04-08-2007, 10:41 PM
Hey Guys-

In the "Hot Fuzz" trailer, it says somethin' about how ya'll have watched every single Action Movie ever made.

While I imagine that might be an exagerration, I wouldn't doubt the validity of such a statement either

True or no?
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Old 04-09-2007, 12:31 PM

Hi guys!! Thanks for doing another chat with JoBlo. Last time you did one I ended up confessing odd things to Simon. That was also when I first told Simon about the PeggLeggs. Seems like only yesterday!

Okay, silly question for all of you...if you actually were cops, would you want to be bicycle cops, on your feet and on the beat, in the car or mounted on horses?

Thanks again for doing this. And PLEASE, for the LOVE OF GOD, the next time you guys make a film and do a promo tour in the US...HIT THE STATE OF FLORIDA!! I'm gutted I didn't get to meet you lot again, here's hoping for better luck next time!

Cheers and all my love!
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Old 04-09-2007, 02:46 PM
I love you guys, you really do show those Yanks the true talent of Great Britian. Thanks for doing this.

When you were growing up, were you always interested in film-making and acting, or did you ever decide on another career?

More importantly, Simon. Marry me?

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Hey Guy's

Really love and enjoy your work, Spaced was fantastic, Shaun was brilliant and the Fuzz rocked my socks off.

My question is, how was it that you broke into the film and or tv scene, I myself am a student filmmaker living in Australia, a country where you cant make a feature unless it has all these "Australian" elements in it, if not its ultra hard to get funding for your films, which is a little annoying. Whats the best way to start?

thank you heaps guys. really appreciate it.
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So with Shaun Of The Dead, it was pretty obvious one of your guys' biggest influences was Romero and his masterpiece zombie films Night, Dawn & Day... but this time around, what would you say influenced you to do a buddy cop type movie? And how did you come about thinking of the idea?
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Since both "Shaun" and "Hot Fuzz" would techincally be qualified as different genres, and since your work seems so ripe with parody (at least to me) I have to ask-- Do you ever considering working in a genre that you don't claim to cherish and love as highly.. e.g. romance or drama?

All three of you have the chops to do any and all things, and especially for people in mr. wright's position, that's more the exception than the rule. I'd love to see you guys tackle some different material, and bring your take to its world.

Thanks and keep up the great work.
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From the mocking tone found 'Shaun' (and I presume in 'Fuzz,') it would appear that you guys have a soft spot bad films. As a purveyor of crappy cinema, I'd like to ask if there any personal favorite, god-awful stinkers out there that you want to share with the rest of the world. You know, the garbage that makes you laugh so much it could be considered a workout for your resperatory system.

Can't wait for 'Hot Fuzz' to come stateside,
Ian T. McFarland
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Hey fellas,

I've got tickets to an advanced screening in Chicago tomorrow (Tuesday, the 10th) of Hot Fuzz, and I can't wait; looks like a lot of fun. Mr. Frost, I'm 90% sure that I thought I saw you in the DON'T trailer (Excellent job, Edgar), so If you could confirm/reject that, that'd be great! Also, what did the 3 of you think of Grindhouse? Which flick did you like better?

Thanks a lot,

Brett Arnold
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