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Please recommend me some good Asian horror!

So I've seen Ju-On (The Grudge & The Curse) 1 & 2, Pulse, and a Tale of Two Sisters. I loved all of them and now I'm eager to experience some more Asian horror films. Any suggestions?
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If it's considered horror, Battle Royale and Oldboy are beyond must sees.
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I've seen Oldboy and thought it was great. Battle Royale is definitely something I need to check out, especially after just having finished the Hunger Games. Thanks!
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I've only seen a few J-horror films, but I know that another popular one is the original Shutter, which I haven't seen.

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Originally Posted by Matchbox225 View Post
I've only seen a few J-horror films, but I know that another popular one is the original Shutter, which I haven't seen.

Nice I'll be sure to add that to my Netflix queque. Thanks.

I also just realized I've never seen the Ringu series. Being a fan of the 2002 remake I'll probably check those out as well.
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I just watched I Saw the Devil, I guess you can consider it horror, anyway, it was flippin' awesome. Definitely add it.

Also add Three Extremes, Thirst
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Dream Home (2010)

And already mentioned...
I Saw the Devil (2010)
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Ringu 1-3
The Host
Mystics In Bali
The Boxer's Omen
The Eye
Noroi: The Curse
Ebola Syndrome
The Machine Girl
Tokyo Gore Police

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As much as I enjoy the film Uzumaki, I have to say that the graphic novel(s) are superior in every way. I really can't recommend them enough. Great, great reads which I swallowed whole in one sitting. Here's an excerpt I found randomly on Google to give you a taste of the artwork itself:

Re-Cycle is a beautiful film by the Pang Brothers (of Eye fame). I really enjoy the metaphor here as well as the esoterics on display. This isn't only one of my favourite foreign films, but one of my favourite films of all time!
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The three mega-essentials I would say are:

Battle Royale
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don't forget Evil Dead Trap!
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UPDATE: I have now seen the following:

- Shutter (had me leaping outta my seat multiple times)
- Ringu Anthology (mostly good series, pretty creepy)
- The Eye (I'm now officially freaked by elevators and old ladies)
- Dark Water (bathtubs and creepy girls, brr...)

Next on my list:

- Cure
- One Missed Call
- Uzumaki
- I Saw the Devil
- Dorm
- Evil Dead Trap

Thanks for the recommendations!

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I've currently got Entrails of a Virgin on it's way to me. If it's any good I'll let you know.
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Audition was mentioned and pretty much goes with out saying. These two below were recommended to me. I have not seen then but feel that as a horror fan I'm obligated to pass the recommendation down the line. -Cold Fish(2010 Japanese) -The Eight Restraunts: The Untold Story(1993 Chinese)
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tale of two sisters rocks
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I enjoyed Dark Water up until the ending, which I didn't get

the doll master creeped me out

I also enjoyed the first three extremes. that story 'cut' is crazy

I saw the devil, audition, and shutter are all must sees. Battle Royal, too but I'm not sure if it's horror.

I tried watching Oldboy but I had trouble getting into it. maybe I'll try watching it again sometime

The host is one of my favorite monster movies along with Chawz. The host is more scary. Chawz has more humor in it
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Noroi: The Curse has already been mentioned and I'll second the recommendation. That one creeped me out. Another favorite is Phone (2002).

Sector 7 is a fun CGI-filled monster movie on an oil rig. Kind of tongue-in-cheek but I really enjoyed it.
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