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A L'Aveugle ( Blind Man - 2012 )

A l'aveugle .... a product from the Luc Besson factory

I like Luc Besson .. he is the european Michael Bay but sticking your name on a movie if only worth it if the movie delivers. Blindman doesn't.

For one , the movie is needlessly complicated and there's no upside to those complications. For second , while some scenes are brutals , there's no pacing in the thriller part.

This movie should have been better but it felt like a good idea made for a US public.

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What a fantastically stupid tagline. I'd be deeply disappointed if it took whoever thought that up more than thirty seconds.

Anyways, I've got an absurd question for you. I've heard a ton of random variations of little sayings involving l'aveugle growing up. So I'm wondering, how many if any pop up in this? Does something like "Je vois, je vois, disait l'aveugle" or "'Je vois' dit l'aveugle, tandis qu'il ramassait son marteau et voyait" or whatever pop up in the film? The tagline seems to indicate they may have a hilariously awesome repetition of that sort of thing.

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well that was one of my most worstly written review EVER.

I do stand by my rating tho

Yes "In the land of killers , blinds are king" is a retarded tagline

My main problem is the story ... you can't switch from a cool serial killer story to a secret service cover-up.

Actually , the movie is well-made but just retarded.
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