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2012 - best year in films for a long time

- A Christopher Nolan film; ending to the Dark Knight trilogy
- Joss Whedon Avengers

Together, both films were among the most anticipated films in a long, long time.

- Peter Jackson's Hobbit
- Sam Mendes' Skyfall
- Spielberg's Lincoln
- Zemeckis' Flight
- Tarantino's Django

Some long awaited films from heavyweight directors that have finally come to fruition.

- Ted
- 21 Jump Street
- This Is 40

Some great comedies this year (IMO at least)

Not forgetting the few below:

- Zero Dark Thirty
- Argo
- Les Mes
- and many more....

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It's definitely been a great year. And I haven't even seen everything yet. I still need to see Les Miserables, The Impossible, Promised Land, Zero Dark Thirty, Hitchcock, Anna Karenina among others. But even without seeing those movies I can say it's been a great year thus far.
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It's definitely been a great year. I would say it hasn't been since 2007 that we've had a good year, overall, of consistently good films. However, this year did have some duds and flat out disappointments. Then again, what year doesn't?
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Gotta agree. Definitely the best year since 2007.

2013 looks promising as well
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Yeah its been a great year and I still have a lot of the oscar hopefuls to see..probably the strongest top 20 I have had for a long time, its weird to think that most likely a few of them will drop off after seeing more films.
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