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Well things are quite bad in Queensland Australia


In Queens land at the moment they had a freak storm and well 6 tornados two days ago since l have not been on a computer and only the mobile l have not been able to show you this

But things are very bad and places are flooding and there has been tornado damage
In Australia we do not get tornados but this cyclone has brought alot of damage with it

In Bundeberg there were helecopters brought in to remove 3,000 people and these guys were worrking all during the night they say the Brisbane river is going to peak also at around 12pm today they are not sure waht that is going to bring
Only in 2011 queensland had terrible floods but this cyclone and tornados is a very different thing in NSw it has just been hit too today all l know is some areas a flooded there too

I hope God of War is alright l am not sure what part he is in oyur if he is near this

Also there are four dead but not sure how many more there are

In Victoria we are fighting bushfires lit by people can you beleive it as soon as one is out there is another one lit

because of the terrible winds foam was washed up on the beach as you will see from this clip this car came out of know where and scared the day lights out of the police


here is a photo of all the foam smiles

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it is like a iocean but on land

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Sorry to hear about that Bondgirl. I hope that it's over soon.
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At the moment the sky is clearing in Queensland but all the rivers are flooding meanint that homes are being flooded and there not sure waht is going to happen next

They are still evacuationg Bundeburg but some wont leave and they have the army in there trying to lift everyone out by helecopter you have to go on your roof to be picked up there was one picture l seen and the roof was nearly gone that family were lucky

It is NSW's turn not and quite a few places have been flooded it has not ever been as bad as this they say 100yrs

Only one state is useaully effect but two that is bad

Well l am okay because l am in Victoria with the bushfires one was only lit in the next town from me but they stopped it also we are not gwetting rain so we are as dry and timber while up top of Australia is getting all the rain and too much of it
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Well with the floods comes a water shortage

The sewage has got into the main water supply so residents can only drink bottled water which is becoming low
In our summer heat it is not a good sign they say there is only 6 hrs worth of water left so one has to becareful how they use the water

They say things will be fixed but it is now that people wopuld be worried about l would have thought they would have sent truck loads from Perth and Victoria to keep things going until the water supply area is fixed plus because of the floods not they have heaps of mozzies to keep them company
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Do you have enough water Bondgirl? I hope so. Maybe you should stock up as they may be sending the water bottles from your area down that way.
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Well do you know what they should do when tjings happen like this is to have a pipe line where water from other states can be sent at diffrent times

But you would ahve to be careful that our water wouldnt be contaminated with the waste and other things

There should be some sort of system going for these events
Alot of of the roads are wrecked from Queensland through to NSWs so there is a huge job in the coming weeks
But with aussies when things happen lioke this we get together and help and different people with diffrent skills can help rebuild what has happened

Alot of places are still under water at this moment

A workmate that recently left at work went to Queensland to live

She is in the worst area that is Bundenberg
Her place is flooded through out she is okay even though she has a lot of damage

Also the Australian army is over there now doing diffrent things and helping people out

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