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New james Bond Novel To be released This year

Well to all the james Bond fans this will be exciting

The book doesnt have a title yet but it will be released in 2013
james Bond films have been going for decades and to ahve something new coming out will have us waiting to see what he plot is

Anyway have a look at the link

Also l wasnt sure whether this thread should be put here or in the book section
So l will leave it up to the mods and admin to know where this should go
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So far, I only have the Ian Fleming novels...I have a feeling that if I go off that streak, I'm going to have to read all of them.

I do wonder how this one will turn out. No doubt, it will be made into a Bond film.
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Yes now we have a new author who will be bringing us a new,line of books but not only that we will have a range of new bond movie Exophine l will have to do the same as you and read this new book too l hope it will not be to long before it. is released

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This isn't Celeb talk/Gossip material - This belongs in the Books forum - Moving.
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