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My Hero of the day


A 4-year-old girl in Washington state pulled her little sister from the wreckage of a car crash that killed their mother, then kept the two of them warm under a blanket in the chilly rain for six hours until a passing driver found them.

State troopers said that the girls probably only survived because the older sister had the wherewithal to get them out of the car and cover them. The younger girl is 2. Both were hurt, NBC affiliate KING5 in Seattle reported.
This 4 year old is my hero of the day. I hope their daddy takes great care of them. Feel bad about their mom.
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This is amazing. This child is brilliant. Here's hoping her family finds some comfort in their loss.
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Wow, that's incredible. Four years old. What a smart little girl. I can't imagine, they've lost their mom and witnessed that, they are both hurt cold and alone. Very brave little girl to take care of her sister like that.
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Holy shit.

Thanks for sharing that story.
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Such a young little girl and to have her save her sibling is so amazing I also hope the father will take care these two beautiful children
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