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Have you ever been ordered out of a resttruant

Well only a day or so ago my friend and her boyfriend were told to leave because of a long kiss and a hug they were told the place was for family's not people who show affection it is the first time l have heard of this and find it silly I wonder what other excuses manager can think of Has this happened to you or do you have a diffrent story to tell
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This thread reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JAzR-wScns
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The restaurant's not for people who show affection? WTF?

How the hell do you think families are made? People just don't bump into each other and have kids.

Your friend and her boyfriend should seriously sue that restaurant for emotional damages. The manager should be held responsible for perpetrating the public humiliation inflicted upon them. There are plenty of witnesses to call upon, I'm sure...

I'm serious, BG. That's not right.

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What's a resttruant? Restraint?
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so l spelt a word wrong l see there are posts in this thread so that means that they know what l am on,about l
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Yeah I've been cut off before and kicked out before. This was back when I was younger(like in college) and was an all around annoying prick. I'm not like that anymore
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