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who Do Think Is The Better Parent Mum Or Dad

Well l would as l was going it was my mum she was the one who taught how to do all things to a point also adviced me when things also to this day will tell me to slow down when half of the time l won't My dad was not as close being the only girl with two brothers he was closer to them So who do you think is the better parent your mum or your dad Also if you don't have a parent to talk about who was the person you looked up to was it a male or female role model
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Well, I think in a healthy family they should be equal. I believe a father's influence is just as important as a mother's is. I know that if not for my husband I may have raised two mamas boys - (that term isn't necessarily a negative, but I'm using it as one). He and I had a good balance together. He taught them things I could not have done, he let them do things I would not have let them do but they need to do! I was over protective, he was the more lenient parent and they needed that from him. He was strict when need be and we worked together as a team, but we brought different things to the table if that makes sense.

As far as my own upbringing I would say my mom, as my dad was super critical and had me a basket case by age 9. But, that's not "dads," in general. That just my dad. I don't really think this question can be answered in general terms, rather our own experiences in our own families. (maybe that's what you are asking?)

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Well to broaden the subject we could go either way Glinda but L like it when you give me advice into improving a thread it does bring new ldeas TO the thread
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Well either works BG. It's a good thread. We can each of us personalize it. I mean answer how we personally interpret the question.

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Well l like any input into any thread and to have personal experiences is good l liked your post because it showed that men or fathers do put a lot of values into a child's up bringing l wish l had the experience with my own dad but he would rather show my brother's the way of things he could have taught me more on a male level but at least l had one parent to be taught from being the rights and,wrongs of life
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