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The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I have not seen anything on this site about this movie at all.

Jim Carrey playing second fiddle to Steve Carell? Wow! How have things changed????

There is a decent cast. Is Jim hit the walk and done, all used up or what?
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To me it seems like Jim is at the point in his career where he's just having a good time and testing out what he can do. It's a supporting role to be certain and he has a lot of fun with it. Perhaps he's putting his toes back in the water to see how his career can develop a 2nd run.

The film is fine. I love magic so I liked that element of it. There's many funny jokes. As mentioned above Jim is quite funny as is Steve Buscemi. Carell is okay but his character is (intentionally) hard to like in this. Nothing special or memorable, but enjoyable enough. Olivia Wilde is radiant and just needs that one truly great role to hit the next level, I think.
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I saw this movie nearly 7 months ago and really liked it.

I wouldnt really say Carrey is second fiddle to Carrell, he is still a main star, just the "Bad Guy".

I didnt think it was the end all be all of comedy, but it was pretty funny, especially any scene with Carrey.

My biggest laugh was a subtle one from the movie, when Carrey confronts Carell in a bar, as Carrey leaves, he glides away backwards... it had me laughing for a good5 minutes!
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Just came back from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, not terrible but nothing special. Wish there was more magic to dazzle. Hard not to feel like a Sigried and Roy story just poking fun at new school magic. Laughs are mediocre at best. Jim Carrey is beyond annoying. Needed more Olivia Wilde magic
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I thought the movie was decent but something's been nagging me and nagged me through the rest of the movie.

During the birthday party for James Gandolfini's son, I could SWEAR Marisa Tomei was standing to the right of Gandolfini. There were no lines and IMDB doesn't list her as part of the cast though some people were whispering about her too. Did anyone notice this?
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Just got back from my showing. Basically, the film lives or dies by who it follows plot wise.

Jim Carrey- best supporting role hes done in a while. Every gag, every scene, everytime he was on screen, hilarious. best part was the pepper spray "staring" trick hahahahaahahahahahahaahahahaha im still laughing from it

Steve Carell- Hit and miss, hes micheal scott but a magician whose a big jerk. he has some great one liners and his timing is still genius, but he lacks consistency in this.

Buscemi- A decent character, not on screen enough for us to care about his relationship with Burt. His job after magic tho is hilarious (FOOD AND WATER=MAGIC KIT)

Wilde was a waste, complete waste.

overally 7/10 definetly worth seeing
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Old 03-28-2013, 04:30 PM
I saw this last week and was looking forward to it. Too bad it's not very good.

Jim Carey saves this movie every 15-20 minutes so well done inserting him when needed but everything else is really awful. Steve Carrell is basically playing Michael from The Office as a magician in Vegas. This film needed more laughs, more magic, and more Carey and Wilde.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it 5.
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Missed it at the show - Love the offbeat premise, Carrey and Carrell, plus the trailers look funny.
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