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Jurassic Park 3D

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Anyone else planning on reliving some great memories and checking this out while in it's limited release?

I dont particularly enjoy 3D...at all really, but I absolutely adore this flick. It was the first movie my dad took me to at age 5 (in the San Antonio IMAX no less!) and it genuinely terrified, exhilarated, and inspired me all at the same time. One of my favorite movie going memories ever. For me the chance to see it on the big screen again, (and in IMAX again!) is just too good to pass up.

Pretty sure I am going to double feature it this Friday along with Evil Dead. I am actually getting pretty excited about it.

I just hope that the 3D doesnt take anything away from the beauty or magic of the original release...but who knows- I didnt care for Avatar at all, but the 3D for once actually impressed me and emhanced the experience as a whole IMO. Post coversion is a bitch but I have hope that they wouldnt release such a beloved classic in 3D without making sure it was as top notch as they could get it.

So will YOU be there? Does anyone even really care or am I just being overly nostalgic? Haha
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I cannot wait! Me, I'm in your dad's shoes, as my eldest son was 6 when I took him and it was the highlight of his little life, lol. We loved it. Those dinosaurs back then... he was so excited.

I've seen a 4-5 minute clip (separate from the trailer they showed a clip), at the IMAX 3D prior to Oz, and I thought it looked great. Granted I'm not the best at discerning good 3D from bad, but it looked good to me. We saw the entire Rex scene with the kids in the jeep.

That's really cool you got to see it in IMAX back then. That would have been the big full IMAX - not many of those around anymore.

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I'm definitely checking this out. Though I've never tried the 3D thing, and hear such mixed stuff about it, hopefully it's good. Saw this movie 3 times as a kid when I was just five years old. Oh, to be young...

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This is the first movie I remember seeing in theater...I almost feel obligated to check it out in IMAX 3D...just wish the tickets were a little cheaper.
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Originally Posted by AspectRatio1986 View Post
This is the first movie I remember seeing in theater...I almost feel obligated to check it out in IMAX 3D...just wish the tickets were a little cheaper.

I definitely feel you on all of that. Actually I was a bit surprised my ticket was only 12.00 but still for a 2pm show...wow. pretty sure we payed that for both my dad and I's IMAX tickets combined at a night showing in 93. Haha oh times..
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$12 - I wish! Tickets here in the Land of Oz are $17 and the closest IMax is 900 miles away. 3D are usually $20. Still might go and see this, despite my dislike for TC

That's 6c I have spent today...
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I saw this a few days ago, I generally don't go for these re-releases... but seeing Jurassic Park back on the big screen was something I couldn't pass up!

The 3D was pretty solid, especially in the wide shots with the Helicopter.

One thing that I did notice was this movie had a lot of Rack Focus (Having the background out of focus while the foreground is in focus, then changing it to the background in focus and the foreground out of focus.. or vice versa) and when it comes to 3D that filmmaking style simply doesn't work because to have the most effective 3D, you can't have any element out of focus, because t takes away from the depth.

but of course, in 1993, Spielberg wasn't worried about shooting in 3D!
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