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Old 04-11-2013, 07:54 AM
Help with Dark Knight Rises and A Tale of Two Cities

Hey guys, I am in need of a favor. I have to make a presentation for tomorrow, which was supposed to be made on Saturday, and I need some help with it. Has someone read A Tale of Two Cities and could help with matching the parallels between it and The Dark Knight Rises.

It's mostly done, but I have some questions:
a) can I compare Bane to a combination of Monsieur Defarge and The Vengeance
b) what's the connection between Stryver in the book and the novel, as well as Barsad's. Are they only similar in name or is there something else to it
c) have you noticed any other connections in the movie than the ones that I have:
"- Carton/Darnay are Bruce Wayne and Lucy is Catwoman
- Madame Defarge is Talia at the end/and Catwoman before
- Monsieur Defarge and Vengeance are Bane
- themes of death and resurrection; light and darkness; social justice
- the use of kangaroo courts, capitalism at the heart
- Gordon's speach

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