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Smashed (the most underrated film of 2012?)

Has anyone else seen this little independent film? It stars Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who is the star of the show). She was seriously unbelievable in this. I think she should of got nominated over Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty.

But since it was such a small film, her performance didn't get much attention.

And I'm really surprised by the 6.6 rating on IMDB. I think it should be much higher.

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I really liked it and agree Winstead deserved an Oscar nom, she was fantastic. Paul was pretty great as well. I loved how authentic its treatment of alcoholism and drunk dynamics was, it never slipped into maudlin melodrama like so many movies about addicts do.

If you liked this, I highly recommend checking out The Spectacular Now, Smashed director James Ponsoldt's followup. It's also a story involving two alcoholics, this time in high school, but avoids all the cliches that would seem to bring to mind and features star making turns from Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. It's even better than Smashed.
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Thanks for the recommendation dude. I just watched the trailer and it looks good. I will definitely check it out sometime.

Getting back to Smashed, I was just so taken back by Mary's performance. I didn't think she had it in her. And thinking it over, the only things I 've seen her in are Scott Pilgrim and Death Proof. I havent bothered with any of her other films (like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Die Hard 4, Die Hard 5, The Thing or Final D 3). Man, this chick is waaay too good to be in shit like that. She needs to fire her agent ASAP and start getting into better projects cause the sky is the limit for her.
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MEW was so much better than Lawrence, it was a shame all she got was an Indie Spirit nom. I didn't think the film as a whole was great, but she was.
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Originally Posted by Lazy Boy View Post
MEW was so much better than Lawrence, it was a shame all she got was an Indie Spirit nom. I didn't think the film as a whole was great, but she was.
My thoughts, exactly.
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I was struggling to decide what movie to watch yesterday and ended up picking this. It was a wise decision. It's thoroughly engaging from the first frame to the last, and features an incredible performance by MEW and a great supporting performance from Aaron Paul (although he has a little less to chew on). I'm really looking forward to The Spectacular Now, now.
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Glad you liked it as well Bourne.

I watched another little independent film directed by Ponsoldt called Off the Black(his directing debut). Nice little film starring Nick Nolte and the kid from Mean Creek. I like how this guy can mix drama with comedy like its nothing. Some directors struggle to do this (like Apatow for example)

I'll be keeping a lookout for The Spectacular Now. Looks good
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