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State of Decay

I'm thinking of getting this game, but I'd love to know what others have thought of it. Anyone playing State of Decay?
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No, but I made a song called State of Decay. lol
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I've played through it. It's an awesome idea for a game and it'll probably last you longer than most full price $60 games will. It's just that it's glitchy as hell and at times clunky. It's not unplayable, but it certainly lacks any kind of polish and looks/feels like an unfinished game. In fact, it probably is. It kind of goes nowhere. Once I beat it, it was like "oh, it's done now?". Very anti-climatic with an overall horribly weak story all the way through.

Considering it was only $20 though, I don't regret buying it. I spent probably 10-15 hours with it. It has a lot of original ideas for an open world zombie game that I can't believe no one else has tried to do yet. The glitches are weird, but they don't make the game impossible to play. A few times they made moments frustrating, but nothing game ending.

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