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Alien Abduction Movies!

Hi there fellow Horror hounds!

Aliens. They freak me out, man! Like Stephen Hawkins has said, if intelligent life does come to visit us, chances are it won't be be friendly! They'll either harvest us for food, enslave us, massacre us or anal-probe us to death...

There's something about alien abduction movies that really freaks me out. So, I'm after some more suggestions.

What are the greatest Alien Abduction movies of all time?

I'm really looking forward to watching Dark Skies again on DVD soon. I saw it in the cinemas and really loved it - creepy as hell and a great alien abduction movie. Another that comes to mind is Brad Dourif's Progeny (which isn't bad - it deals with alien abduction AND pregnancy - pretty freaky idea!).

So what alien abduction movies have you seen? - good and bad! Films that center entirely on the phenomena of being abducted by little green men.
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This is right up my alley. You should check out "Altered (2006)" and "Alien Raiders (2008)" for sure. They are movies I have been recommending to people on here. Also another alien type themed flick you might also like is "The Hidden (1987)". Also there is the classic alien abduction film called "Fire in the Sky (1993)". I watch a lot of alien type themed movies.

Also as for Alien pregnancy movies, I just recently picked up a movie called "Inseminoid (1981)" Which also goes by the name "Horror Planet (1981)". I haven't seen it yet, but sounds interesting.

Yes I do also know about what "Stephen Hawkins" has said about Aliens and such, he is very stern in us not trying to contact or draw attention to our selves from alien life for reason you just said.

Also if aliens interest you I would seriously urge you to look into watching "Discovery Channels: Ancient Aliens" Its one of my favorite Documentary series (and still going) that is on TV, I buy all the season of it when they come out. very interesting stuff.

I know I'm missing some more alien abduction type movies I will probably remember them in a hour or so, but those ones are fresh on my mind and the ones I frequently watch and recommend, well not "Inseminoid" because I haven't seen it yet, just thought I should throw it out there since you brought up "Progeny".
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The only alien abduction movies I recall that are worth noting are the "based on real events":

I saw "Communion" back in the mid 90's (during my X-Philes period)and it remains the ONLY movie that made me get up and turn off the TV because the tension was that unbearable. It stars none other than Christopher Walken and is based on Whitley Strieber's book about his own actual alien abduction.

The scene I mention, that made me get up out of my chair, can be found on Youtube. Search for the title of the movie and peeking alien. Or you could watch the whole movie and let it build to that part.

Fire in the Sky was pretty good. I have to say both movies though portray "greys" very diferent;y. In fact in Communion there's even another race of aliens that are blue and stocky, I dunno what's teh deal with those.
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fire in the sky > all others
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I also vote for fire in the sky....
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I really enjoyed DARK SKIES. It had a great score, awesome cinematography and good acting. Better that I hoped for.

There was a tv mini-series in the mid 90s about abductions but for the life of me I can't remember the name. Was really creepy to me at time.
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