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Have you ever donated to a movie Kickstarter?

This is something that's probably been discussed before but wanted to open it up since it's become so well used recently. Obviously the Zach Braff movie and Veronica Mars movie brought up a ton of different thoughts about whether they should've used the site or not but did you donate? Have you donated to other Kickstarters or Indiegogo campaigns for something that looked interesting? Any yay/nay stories?

I'm currently experiencing it with my own project that went up on Kickstarter recently. I've donated to friend's projects (and even crewed on some of them) though many are in different stages of post production hell. Any that didn't get funded you got mad about? I've been learning it's a full time job getting a campaign funded and what it's like on the other end of the spectrum. So yes, the link below is to my own Kickstarter campaign but I wanted to get a discussion going as well. If you are interested, go ahead and check it out from a long time member

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Old 11-29-2013, 12:22 AM
I donated to the Veronica Mars movie.

And I donated to a movie called Hotel Noir's indiegogo campaign. It's a movie that has a huge ensemble cast of actors including the likes of Malin Ackerman, Carla Gugino, Rosario Dawson, Mandy Moore, Robert Forster, Danny DeVito among others.

Thought about donating to some others, some big campaigns, some much smaller. But never got around to before it was too late.

I plan to use either site, likely indiegogo, myself soon.
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I haven't and don't plan to anytime soon to be honest
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