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Schmoes Choice for Game of the Year 2013


2013 will go down as the best year in video games IMHO. In the end, it was a difficult decision to pick a winner. I expected excellent games from 'Grand Theft Auto V' and 'The Last of Us' and they both delivered. I was hoping for a good game with 'Tomb Raider' and it completely blew me away. All 3 games are in my Top 20 all time.
My review on Movie Fan Central:
When 'Tomb Raider' originally debuted in 1996, I was busy fighting off zombies and monsters on the outskirts of Raccoon City. I saw and read about Lara Croft through magazines and videos and really didn't appeal to me. The actual character came off as a bit cartoonish for me but adventure/action happen to be one of my favorite types of games to play. In 2006, I downloaded the 7th game in the series which was called 'Tomb Raider Legend'. I absolutely loved the demo and was instantly convinced to throw down $60 for the game on the XBOX 360. 'Legend' remains one of my favorite games of all time. The sequels that came after 'Legend' really didn't wow me like before.
And then came the reboot in 2013...

Video game reboots have been hit or miss for me. 'Resident Evil' for the GameCube remains my #1 game of all time. I also really enjoyed 'Mortal Kombat' in 2011. On the other hand, I was somewhat disappointed with the remakes for 'Twisted Metal' and 'SSX' in 2012...they just weren't the same and not as good as the originals.
After about 20 minutes of playing 'Tomb Raider', I was completely immersed in the story and the incredible gameplay.

The graphics are stunning, gorgeous and positively captivating. The the new look for Ms. Croft is a huge improvement over previous games. She actually looks like a real person with correct proportions of a physical body. That being said, she doesn't stay very pretty for long. Lara Croft gets the shit straight up knocked out of her for the duration of the game. She falls, breaks bones, even gets beat up by some of the game's bad guys. Again, from a graphics standpoint, this is one of the most visually gorgeous games I've ever played. The location based on and island is perfect because it shows the beauty as well as the dark side of mother nature.

The story and main plot of the game are well done too. The main point of the game is to turn Lara Croft into a hardened survivor in her very first adventure. By the end of the game, she becomes the bad ass she's known for. A man by the name of Mathius is the game's main villain, as he devises a plot to resurrect a Sun Goddess using one of Lara's friends as a vessel.

The best part of the game to me though is the play mechanics. Some of the levels and gameplay are inspired and original. I will say it borrows a little from the 'Uncharted' games, but the argument can be said that those games borrowed from the earlier 'Tomb Raider' games. There is a level I will just say you're sliding down a mountain that is completely insane. There's also several times you have to kill the bad guys while hanging upside down! My weapon of choice is the bow & arrow, which includes an upgrade called the fire arrow which can ignite enemies on contact [The Duke boys of Hazzard County would be proud].

There is so much of this game that I love. I just completed the main story last night. It's like the Batman 'Arkham' games where you can go back and pick up stuff you might have missed during the first go-round. The multi-player/online mode doesn't interest me so it won't factor into the final score.

Basically, if you're a fan of 'Tomb Raider' or adventure games in general, do yourself a favor and at least give it a rental. I'm not big on video game reviews [GameSpot in general], but it should say something about the game for all it's high scores it's been receiving.

That being said, 'Tomb Raider' probably just cracked into my Top 20 favorite games of all time. Welcome back, Lara.

9.5 out of 10!
Past Game of the Year winners:
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My vote is

Loved the story and the game play, actually played through the game 3 times in the span of a couple weeks. The ending was actually more emotional the second time around cause you understood everything. The 2 DLC's out so far are great for the first showcasing the combat in arena style bouts (Clash in the Clouds) and the story driven one is as well writen as the main game with an ending that kicked my in the fucking nuts (Burial at Sea Pt. 1).

Can't wait for Burial at Sea part 2.
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Last of Us.

It was by no means a perfect game, but it's about as close to perfect as you can get.

Honorable mention:

Tomb Raider

Everything else doesn't even compare to those two that I have played this year or even the past few years. Definitely one of the strongest years for video games ever.
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1. Ni No Kuni
2. Bioshock Infinite
3. Last of Us
4. Super Mario 3D World
5. Tomb Raider
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1. GTA V
2. The Last of Us

Didn't play anything else really.
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The Last of Us
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