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Hey friends and fellow shmoes,

as some of you might know, I made this very small indie film a while ago and now I have finally managed to find a distributor (FilmBuff) and a platform (Amazon Instant) to premiere it, so you guys can access and watch it. The release date is March 25th and you can rent or buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Pixelschatten-.../dp/B00H8ZP3KC

Shot entirely in the first person POV style, this intimate and unsettling film follows small-town blogger Pixel, who reveals his life via his blog Pixelschatten. After his friends and girlfriend move away for college, lonely and frustrated Pixel decides to change all their lives with just one post. "Pixelschatten" is a film that captures the changing social reality of a generation.

What the Web is saying
"A potent and affecting film, filled with moments so genuine that they manage to capture that rare moment when life is both funny and painful." dearfilm.net

"Pixelschatten is constructed with superb taste, confidence and remarkable naturalism (particularly given its subject matter). Director Anil Jacob Kunnel, shooting on what can only be described as a face-mounted-DSLR-rig, assembles an endearing cast of young German talent that work hard to reap genuine emotional investment from the audience." Reflections

"A near-perfect examination of real lives through an actual first-hand perspective." The Cinematic Katzenjammer



Hope some of you are checking it out. Would be great to give something back to this community.

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