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Video Capsule: Get Shorty (9/10)

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring: John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo

A very cool, very fresh, very slick crime flick based in and around the Hollywood movie business with plenty of colorful characters, a bunch of amazing actors doing their thang, an ultra-groovy soundtrack, beautiful cinematography, unique directing, a twist-and-turn-filled storyline and enough inside jabs to satisfy any movie geek.

How weird is it that I didn't really appreciate this film much when it came out? I remember liking it, but nothing more than that. Probably a 7/10 or something. I saw it a year after its release and that's when the absolute FUN part of the movie hit me. Then, I saw it again on video a few years ago, and I haven't stopped watching it every year since and the absolute coolness of the movie has finally overcome me.

How many films can you name on one hand whose many scenes are memorable each on their own? Not many, I'm sure. This film has got so many cool sequences, that I can't even start going over them all here. A couple of my favorites include the one in which Travolta is "teaching" DeVito's character how to "look" like a gangster ("Look at me...") and pretty much any scene with Dennis Farina ("They say the fucking smog is the fucking reason you have such beautiful fucking sunsets"). Another classic is the one featuring Chili Palmer walking up the steps in that fancy-schmancy Hollywood restaurant with the groove just right in the background. Very cool!!

Every single actor in this film shines in their respective roles, but it's Travolta who holds this puppy together and he's as cool as ever in this flick. NO, he's not just "playing Travolta" in this movie, as he did in a few of his post-PULP parts, he's actually inhabiting Chili Palmer and you believe the guy through and through.

Other notables include Gene Hackman, hilarious as two-bit producer Harry Zimm, Rene Russo, looking awesome before her age started kicking in, DeVito, who actually plays a character outside the same dude he portrays in most movies and everyone from Harvey Keitel, in a cool cameo near the end of the flick, to Delroy Lindo ("You're gonna die, Yahoo!" and James Gandolfini.

And then there's the dialogue...some of it just poetic. You also have some violence, some suspense, romance, a kiss here, a gunshot there...what else could you ask for? All of it under the impecabble eye of director Sonnenfeld, who sure knows how to swerve that camera to accentuate the clever script.

The colors are bright, the story is a fun one (although it might be a little complex on the first watch-- the many characters might've tripped me up the first time around as well), the dialogue superb, the characters quirky and fun, and it's all about the MOVIE BUSINESS, ya'll!!

If you haven't seen this movie yet, rent it and have a blast!!

Cool trivia (see IMDb): Ernest "Chili" Palmer, a friend of Elmore Leonard's whom the character "Chili Palmer" was named after, has a small role in the movie as one of Ray Barboni's friends. Look out for him in the first scene of the movie.
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Get Shorty has to be just about the coolest movie ever made. Strictly on a scale of coolness it's behind only Pulp Fiction and Swingers in my book. Chili Palmer had to be written with John Travolta in mind. Even in the book you couldn't picture anyone but him in the role.

The second best part of the movie might have been the music. All of it just fit the movie perfectly.

I just got done reading Be Cool and if that doesn't get written into a movie people should hang for it. While very similiar to Get Shorty in a lot of ways (and I mean a lot of ways) it still could make a very good movie.

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"How many films can you name on one hand whose many scenes are memorable each on their own? "

Thats exactly the way I feel about this movie, I mean, you can just pick up a couple of scenes and they are all great by themselves.
I also love that pulp fiction style, its great. When I first saw it I was convinced that it was either written or directed by Quentin!JAJA
I have seen this movie more than 6 times and Im planning to watch it many times more!
Definitively a 9/10

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I love this film so much. It so funny and smart and enjoyable and entertaining. And John Travolta is so cool! I can't put it in plainer terms. If you look up the definition of cool in the dictionary, you will find a picture of John Travolta from this movie. Pulp Fiction might be a better movie, but this contains Travolta's best on screen performance ever! It was a role he was born to play and he absolutely shines. And Travolta is surrounded by an outstanding supporting cast that includes Renee Russo, Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Delroy Lindo and Dennis Farina. Funny stuff. One of 1995's best!
Grade: A-
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Get Shorty - B+ - 8/10

"Get Shorty" is a film I enjoyed very much as it did a funny take on both the mob and the movie making business. The screenplay is smart, funny and often outrageous and I also enjoyed the snappy music score. I just loved the Chili Palmer character, played by John Travolta, as a collector for the mob, who after being sent to Hollywood to collect some outstanding debts, decides to go into the movie making business. Travolta was surrounded by an outstanding supporting cast of Gene Hackman, Danny Devito, Rene Russo, Dennis Farina, James Gandolfini. But, Travolta outshined them all with his cocky mob attitude to show that "Pulp Fiction" was no fluke for him. I especially liked Gene Hackman as the movie producer of low budget films, Rene Russo with her funny one liners ("Gee, Harry, tell me your really not that stupid"), and Dennis Farina as the stupid Florida mob boss. There were a few too many punch scenes, but what the hay, it's a mob flick told in a funny way with a touch of "Player" to show the backstabbing movie business!
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