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Reviews: The Matrix Reloaded

JoBlo's 6/10 review of THE MATRIX RELOADED can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/matrixreloaded.htm

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long while. The action scenes were fantastic (Although a bit long) but the script just didn't hold my attention. In the original all the characters had their rolls and you felt if one was missing it would have taken away from the movie. In this sequel all the "good guys" could have been left out and Neo could do it on it's own.
But to end on a positive note the special effects were really worth watching.

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Sorry I Must disagree...


I'll agree with Jo, it dragged it's feet a bit, but this movie kicked monkey butt. I think most people are pissy because of the cliffhanger. Get over it. This movies philosophies are intriguing, and mysterious. The action sequences rock and the plot held my attention. Neo IS THE ONE! He must discover his purpose, of course this movie is about him!!!! The matrix alwas has been. Listen to the movie, pay attention to the slower parts and you won't be confused at the end. This movie makes me wanna see the next one more than ever. Take some time after the movie, think about what happened, think about what you think will happen next, and why everything in this movie happened. Now a little rant for those that have seen it....

P.S. for anyone going to see the movie, wait till the credits end and you will see the Revolutions preview.


Is Neo's fate really what the architect tells him? Remember that Neo was led to the architect by the Oracle and the Keymaker, both programs. The architect is probably also a program. Is this just manipulation? Is it all a lie? Did Neo make the right decision? Will he still be able to save the world as the prophecy says? And most importantly, is Agent Smith more than he appears to be?
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Incredible special effects


I actually saw 2 movies tonight - X2 at 7PM and Matrix sneak preview at 10PM - I must say that both movies are incredlbe, but the Matrix's special effects make X2's (which are darn incredible) look like labrinth's. (80s movie with David Bowe) The matrix movie in-itself was fairly complex, being impossible to follow if you never saw the first film. I agree with JoBlo on this one - a little too much phil 101 - however the special effects more than make up for it. Every fight scene was INCREDIBLE! That's what makes going to see this film so wonderful. My mouth dropped within the first 5 minutes of the film and stayed glued to the floor the entire time. Story and character development award goes to X2...(nightcrawler and wolvie are my heros) but special effects award goes to the Matrix reloaded! Hope ya'll see it soon - I loved it.
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Matrix 2: 9/10

My review

Number 1, this movie had higher expectations than any other movie of my lifetime. I just saw this movie tonite - wednesday may 14th, and this movie encompassed every thing I had imagined for the sequel.
2. Not only did it live up to the first one, but it surpassed its philosophical genius. I'm not sure if you didn't understand the movie (and that is not a put-down, just a question) because I cannot understand the problem you had with its "philosophy mumbo-jumbo." The issue was quite obviously one of the most intense and discussed topics ever - whether or not we have free will and if all is predestined. For the Wachowski brothers to have worked this into the plot and make it work was extremely impressive and the only possible reason I could see a problem with it was the fact that it seemed as if they were simply speaking through their characters, which was alright since I had no problem listening to Neo and the Oracle, or Neo and the Captain guy explain their philosophies. This is a movie about the messiah, its purpose, and the world's purpose, so it shouldnt be surprising when a phiosophical discussion is thrown in here or there.
3. The philosophy of the movie was interesting to listen to, but what really made the movie that much better was the way it was presented. Even if you had a problem for some reason with the philosophy side, then between each discussion they had a crazy, ridiculously awesome fight and/or action scene. I in no way found myself bored whatsoever while watching that movie, and in fact was extremely into the movie the entire time up until the matrix revolutions trailer.
4. The fact that certain characters appeared only briefly was of no relevance. To quote the movie, they basically did their exact purpose. I did not see any reason for the other characters to be in the movie any more than they were.
5. The Matrix was a movie unlike any other and for any movie to live up to it would be unbelievable. Matrix 2 has done just that. It's not going to be entirely original - it's a sequel. I do however believe that the movie took on an entirely separate identity from the first one.
6. I can in fact see why someone who did not like sci-fi movies, and that did not like the first movie would not enjoy this movie. However, anyone who liked the first one and has been waiting eagerly for a satisfying sequel will certainly find this one to be just that. I for one give this movie - according to your other grades which I have agreed with almost everytime - a 9/10.
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Okay first off, Expectations high, expectations met... BIG TIME!!! Fight scenes infreakincredible, I filled the cup, twice, over the semi crash, holy cow. The in between, although a little dragged out, I believe was in there mainly due to the fact that the original wasn't made to be a franchise movie so they felt they needed to add a whole bunch to give the first movie a little bit more background, take both flicks add up then split in half and they both would have had the perfect amount. The third movie will hopefully (for my sake) back this statement up. My only complaint, coulda used a better cliffhanger, but oh well very very few movies are perfect. Overall score 8.5/10
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First off, I'm lucky enough to work at a theatre so I've seen it 3 times so far.
First time i saw it, I would've agreed with Joe, it definitly wasn't as fast paced as the original, and the plot moved a bit slow, while I absolutley loved the background given to the matrix, the movie just dragged a bit in places.
I've since seen it twice more, and let me tell ya, you start noticing a LOT more little stuff. On the second time around I noticed a certain "reaccurance" of a certain character (has to do with something SMith did in the beginning) who most people forgot about, along with other such little details. On the third time around I was simply amazed at how many things were explained and fleshed out, so many things clicked and finally made sense. Right now I'd give it a 8/10 at least and most of the missed points were from a big lack of the twins, God I hope they feature more strongly in the third one, though i sorta doubt they will since no mention of them was made on the Revolutions trailer which plays after the credits are over. Stay in your seats guys, its a hella tease though.
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I just wrote my review. Anyone who cares:

Matrix: Reloaded Review

Rated R Running time 138 minutes

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Harold Perrineau Jr, Jada Pinkett Smith, Hugo Weaving, Robyn Nevin, Monica Bellucci, Sing Ngai, Gloria Foster, Randall Duk Kim, Harry J Lennix, Lambert Wilson

Directed and written by Andrew and Larry Wachowski

I have come to believe that one can not view movies like The Matrix and this most recent incarnation, Matrix: Reloaded, whithout a decent education (whether formal or self-procured). If you haven't read James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, flipped through some Joseph Campbell, and revisited both religious theory and mythology, this movie is just a special effects flick to you. To be sure the audiences will be filled with special effects flick fans. They will probably enjoy it. They won't really get it.

I got it. I am pretty proud of myself for getting it. I feel a little like one of Socrates' students having a real light-bulb moment, earning a gold star, and explicating the allegory of the cave. But it took all of my education to get it, and I have a lot of education to sit on. This film covers everything from classical mythology to a brief Harry Potter reference.

What's more... it works.

Matrix: Reloaded is the second installment in a trilogy that will be concluded with the final film, which is due out in November of this year. It is a modern incarnation of the original archetype: the cycle of being. Since the dawn of time religions, literary constructs, myths, and even the very seeds of language itself have attempted to explain who we are, why we are here, and what our purpose is. This triplet of queries resurfaces repeatedly, attempting to find resolution through the circle of religious belief. That circle is constant: gods are born or made, gods restore hope and humanity, gods die or are replaced.

In this movie the questions are asked, yet again, and we are left wondering if there may be a new answer. Is man not just another machine? If there is a divine plan is choice an illusion? Is "why" the juice that drives the universe? At once primordial and industrial, this movie doesn't precisely answer any of these questions, but it asks them in a way that may lead us all to our own conclusions.

Keanu Reeves may not be a great actor, but he can do Neo. Laurence Fishburne is good here, but more tentative and human than in the first installment of the trilogy. Cassie-Anne Moss is beginning to show her age, but she is still just passable as Trinity; in fact, the slight wear around her eyes works for the development of the character. She is less an Aeon Flux and more a Pakesnarrion. New characters whiz by with such syncopated speed that it's difficult to form a reliable response to them with a few notable exceptions: Jada Pinkett Smith as Niobe, Sing Ngai as Seraph, Monica Bellucci as Persephone, and Randall Duk Kim as The Key Maker. Expect to see almost all of them back, and yes, that's a tease. Pinkett Smith is a little too stiff for my tastes as Niobe. She seems to be trying to create an echo of Trinity for Morpheus rather than simply creating a new character. It's possible she will be more unique and developed in the final installment.

The action and special effects are good, but nothing new. Reviewers and viewers who buy a ticket to see "cool cgi stuff" will like, but probably not love, this movie. Serious egg-heads, the sort who always win at Trivial Pursuit, shout out the answers when they watch Jeopardy, and graduated at the top of their classes in college, will probably be online looking for the DVD release date ten minutes after getting home. More important, at least for me, than the martial arts or other special effects was the imagery. Overhead shots of Zion had a distinctly DNA-rung look. There were mud/water and single cell organism images throughout. There was even a subtle but significant Marxist subcurrent. If one paid attention, all the secrets yet to be revealed were right there on the screen.

Matrix: Reloaded is peppered with landmines that tip the plot's hat. The references are sometimes obvious, but are just as often so finely detailed that they are utterly missed or become almost subliminal. Most viewers have already made note of the names: Trinity, Neo, Morpheus, Merovingian, Persephone, Niobe, Nebukennezer, Osirus. I'm going to recommend that viewers watch the first film (The Matrix) before seeing the sequel. And it may not hurt to look a few things up. Dust off your Encarta, because if you don't you will, simply put, not get it. And getting it is what makes Matrix: Reloaded a classic that will not be appreciated for some time.
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well put by all. not quite sure what new, if anything, i can add.

i would definitely have to agree with moviemuffin, that a thirst for philosophy, religion, spirituality, etc. is a definite plus when watching this movie. i think that at it's base, at it's very core, is the age old question "what is the meaning of life?" in other words, "why are we here?" i think the answer to that/those question(s) is what each character in the movie, at least the ones in which we are interested in (neo, trinity, morpheus) is searching for. in a sense, it's an expansion and exploration of the same questions the characters had in the first installment.

and if being a bit cerebral during a movie is just not your thing, there should definitely be enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat with your mouth wide open.
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What is the Matrix Reloaded?

A faithful installment to the series, and an all around satisfying ride.

Pros: Nearly everything. The humor, the music, the images, the underlying themes and all around plot are top grade.

Cons: Odd dialogue. Lazy and/or Odd Editing.

I would say cut down on the dialogue repeating itself, and add some stops to the action scenes. This could have made it a classic. For now, I think it's one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

X2 is instant gratification. It alerts you and satisfies your senses right off the bat.

The Matrix Reloaded is subdued gratification. It digs into your brain deeper and deeper, until it drills out the other side.

Two very different animals, one very great feeling.

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WOW! 2 hours in a movie and it felt like 20 minutes. From the moment the movie started I was glued. This is one serious movie to take in.

Like most mentioned before, there is a lot more to this movie then just the fight scenes. There is a whole philosophy behind it we need to understand to have the story go full circle. Some people say it drug the movie down. To me, it gave it more relevance tro why things were happening from the get go. Truthfully I need to see it again. It was a lot to take in, and I know there are important paarst I just overlooked due to the FX, or I just wasn't paying enough attention.

I could go on and on about parts of the movie, but most of that has been mentioned already. I loved it. It was, IMO, as good as the first. The more I think about the movie, the more I like it. When I left the theater, I thought 8/10. After thinking and sleeping on it (I swear I had a dream I was Neo....I kicked serious ass) it gets a higher grade.


I will go see it at least 2 more times.
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Where or where to start? I can sum it up and say..4 years...is nothing to wait for a film as beautiful as this.

I did not mind the philosiphy as I did not mind it in the first film. The story was a little big confusing but not by much, a second viewing should fix that just fine, which i do decide to do within the next few days.

The action was top notch and once again sets standards. Thou I do belive the beginning scene could have used a little bit more ooomphh, but there was reasoning behind it. Did I find the movie to move at a slow pace from the start ? The answer to this question is no. I enjoyed every minute of it. My favorite scene was not the car chase but the neo vs. smiths. I love the smiths. It is nice to see the Oracle on screen. It makes me realize what a nice lady she is and she will be missed.

Now I can't say that this film is better than the first because without the first we would have not had the chance to see this one, so I must pay respect where respect is due.

And as for the ending. I thought it was a fabulous was for the movie to end. I loved it. If I must wait till November to see the end. I do no have a problem with it.


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well, i have to say that when i went into the theater to see the matrix reloaded, my expectations were very very high. i was expecting a fantastic movie with kick ass fight scenes, and an enjoyable time at the movies. i saw a good movie, but definitely not what i expected.

first of all, the begining. within the first minute of the movie,you get a huge explotion, and some very cool special effects. after that however, you are left in complete bordem up until the next fight scene with neo and the agent smiths. that, was awesome. even though much of the cgi looked somewhat harry potter like (which is not a good thing), the way the fight scenes were choreographed was amazing. all of the actiuon that you get in those scenes is fantastic. just what you would expect from a matrix movie. from that point on, the movie is pretty smooth flowing, and you get to see a lot more of the action that you want and expect.

as for the acting, it really wasn't my main focus when watching, but i thought it was pretty good from what i did notice. I think that next time i see this movie i'll look for the acting a bit more now that i know what everything else is gonna give me.

One aspect of the film that bothered me, was that it didn't explain a lot of the things that were going on. for example, what was with the doors at the french guy's place? someone closes a door, then opens it, and you're left in the mountains? can someone explain?...please?! anyway, that botherd me. also, you get a new character. link, is the new ship flyer...guy, but what happened to tank? we're told that link is the brother in-law of tank and dozer, and we saw dozer die in the original, but what the hell happened to tank? that was the one other thing that i didn't like.

overall, i thought the matrix reloaded was a pretty fun time at the movies. with a lot more humor this time around, the wachowski brothers can be happy with what they did in terms of action, but the rest of the film was just ok for me. i especially love the cliffhanger ending! i thought it was hilarious how they made it all dramatic like some of the old movies and t.v. shows with endings like that. in the end, matrix reloaded is cool, but not brilliant by any means. 7/10
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As a "middle installment" it does its job just fine. Raises more questions, gives less answers than the first, but for me at least, that is to be expected. Raises the bar yet again for some serious eye candy, and how action, stunts, sfx are presented. Until T3 comes along, THIS is the movie event of the summer. It just blew me away....and I've NEVER experienced an entire theater burst inot applause after certain key action sequences..until NOW that is. Jaw dropping, shit eating grin type of movie....BEAUTIFUL to behold. 9/10 I would pay $50 to get this on dvd TOMORROW!
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This movie kicked my ass!

I thought this movie was absolutely AWESOME! I can't really say anything that hasn't been said already in the film's praise, but I would like to add that people who complain about the dialogue in the film should realize it is there for a purpose, which is to give us an action movie with purpose, characters we care about, and a cool sense of meaning to the overall trilogy. I guess our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter!

The fight scenes in this film were amazing. The scene where Neo fights a 100 Agent Smiths and the freeway chase scene were two of the most incredible things I have ever seen on film- EVER!!
Also, the little fights here and there were extremely well done. Woo Ping is a martial arts god--look what he's done for Reeves!

The flying Neo scenes, like people have said, give me hope that a new SUPERMAN flick could be pretty sweet using the same FX.

On a side note--those complaining that Niaboi's role is too small should know that her story unfolds in the ENTER THE MATRIX video game. Some may consider this a jip, but the filmmakers wanted to creat an original chapter of the MATRIX story for the video game and so they chose her story, which will weave in and out of the RELOADED plot. This is why her role is minimal(but still very cool) in the sequel.

THE MATRIX I think will be best viewed as a trilogy so we get the entire story, so we have November to look forward to now!


Don't forget to stay through the credits- there's a cool MATRIX REVOLUTIONS teaser at the end.

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Matrix Reloaded Thoughts

*This might have spoilers in it*

After seeing The Matrix a few times, I started to take notice of, and ultimately interpret the various religious/spiritual overtones present throughout the movie. Representations can be found in almost every major player in the movie, from Mr. Anderson to Neo, Zion to Nebuchanezzar, Tank to Dozer. Anything that I found confusing or intriguing could easily be found online where, as it turns out, there are many people that offer up studies of the Matrix story from this angle. They write books about the seemingly valid correlations between the Matrix and certain elements of Buddhism, Christianity, Greek mythology, and Unorthodox Christianity/Gnosticism. And then I see The Matrix Reloaded, which opens up this unbelievable story. It seems to surpass the use of the more simple references to Enlightenment, Christ, or destiny, instead incorporating these ideas into a much larger plot, and in turn, a much larger set of universal questions. I should have been working all morning, and instead I've spent hours trying to make sense of all that I saw last night...I can hardly wrap my head around what this movie is intended to deliver. Or perhaps ask. Reloaded is phenomenal from several angles: it's hella exciting, and often visually superior to most other movies in the genre. But aside from this aspect are other dimensions to the movie that can really suck in a thinker or enthusiast. If you are inclined to hate on the dialogue, you might not care too much about the subtext of Reloaded. However, if you find yourself thinking about what the movie means, and perhaps wind up picking through both movies for indications, then you should hopefully be able to dig this movie for what it is. I'm going to fanboy-out and read some of those Matrix idea books. Word.

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The Matrix Reloaded

Date Reviewed: May 15, 2003

**Some possible minor spoilers throughout**

Very rarely is a sequel able to equal, let alone exceed itís predecessor. Sure, there have been a few over the course of time with Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Aliens being two of the more noteworthy ones, but there have been more failures than successes. With that in mind, The Matrix Reloaded seemed poised to be the greatest movie sequel of all time. In the end, itís nothing more than one of the greatest disappointments of all time.

When last we left Neo at the end of The Matrix he was just starting to realize his potential. Flash forward a couple of months to where Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and new crew member Link are onboard the Nebuchanezzer traveling back to the hidden city of Zion. Neo has been having trouble sleeping as a recurring dream of Trinity keeps waking him up. The council of Zion has just learned that 250,000 sentinels are burrowing towards Zion with plans to completely wipe out the city. Neo learns from the Oracle that he must go in search of a man called The Keymaker who will help him gain entrance into the bowels of The Matrix and ultimately destroy it.

I guess itís my own fault. Iíve always known overhyping can lead to bad things, but that didnít stop me. Even the bad reviews were not able to sway my feelings that The Matrix Reloaded was not only going to blow away the original but every other action movie to date. Boy, was I wrong.

I have to wonder what the Wachowskiís were thinking when they made The Matrix Reloaded. I mean, they already had the perfect formula with The Matrix. Engaging storyline, compelling characters, and kickass special effects. It seems, along the way they forgot about everything that made the original so damn good. For one, the original was good because it all seemed so fresh and new. The things that took place in The Matrix had never been seen before and that made it exciting. This time around everything feels recycled and some things just feel borrowed. The city of Zion, for instance, looked like something straight of the Star Wars movies.

After starting out with a very cool sequence involving Trinity and a motorcycle the movie takes a crash drive for about 45 minutes where nothing really happens. Really, I could have gone and played video games for the entire opening hour and still have understood what was going on. In fact, I probably would have liked the movie better if I had. There are pointless scenes of characters bickering back and forth that reminded me way to much of the council scenes in The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Then thereís the complete unneccesary scene involving the people of Zion participating in some kind of tribal dance that is intercut with shots of Neo and Trinity making love. This scene just seems to go on and on and really has no point. If I wanted to watch a bunch of people bumping and grinding Iíd watch MTV.

The movie does start to pick up around the one hour mark, however, as Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus reenter the Matrix to meet the Oracle. After meeting with the Oracle we get our first big fight scene with Neo fighting one hundred Agent Smiths. Smith, it seems, has been released from the confines of The Matrix and is now a rogue agent with the ability to copy himself. Although from a technical standpoint the fight scene is absolutely awe-inspiring thereís no heart in it whatsoever. After the scene was over I couldnít help but wonder what the point of the whole thing was because it didnít lead to anything new. In fact, several of the fights in The Matrix Reloaded seemed like they were just thrown in to showcase the special effects and martial arts fighting. The highlight of the films is easily the fourteen-minute chase sequence that destroys a lot of cars. Watching Trinity ride around weaving in and out of traffic provided the movie with a much-needed rush of adenaline.

The cast is all pretty good. Keanu Reeves still kicks ass as Neo. Laurence Fishburne still talks like a prophet and Carrie-Anne Moss still provides a very strong female prescence. Hugo Weaving, easily one of the best parts of the original is simply not used to his potential. None of the new characters stood out from the rest. Jada Pinkett Smith and Monica Bellucci are wasted and the Twins, although very cool in concept and design are not given enough to do.

There are things said about the story that I wonít go into detail about because I donít want to give anything way, but there were things that I understood and things that I didnít. There was so much going on that it was hard to keep up at times. The so-called ďcliffhangerĒ ending was actually kind of anticlimactic and didnít leave me with the need to see the third movie that I thought it would. There were a lot of questions that Reloaded left unanswered that I hope The Matrix Revolutions can answer in November. Iíll just say that everything you thought about The Matrix may not be true at all.

In my opinion, The Matrix Reloaded canít be described as anything more than a disappointment and thatís a shame because it seemed poised to be great. Bigger sets, bigger fights, and bigger effects should have lead to a better movie, right? I guess it just goes to show you that bigger isnít always better. Iíll still see Revolutions in November despite the weaknesses of Reloaded. Iím not anticipating it like I was before last night, but I still want to see where the story progrosses. Who knows, maybe Iíll be able to see the movie from a different perspective after viewing the entire series as a whole.

One plus for Reloaded was the final trailer for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and damn if that movie isnít shaping up to be the blast of the summer. Looks like it may even surpass T2, but I highly doubt it. I'm not going to get to hyped up about sequel to one of my favorite movies. I don't want to be disappointed again.

Now that Iíve rambled on for long enough Iíll just say this: I didnít hate The Matrix Reloaded. In fact, there were a lot of things that I liked: main characters, fight scenes, and the last fifteen minutes to be specific, but there were to many dead spots, mainly from the Zion scenes. Too much of the movie seemed pointless and unneccessary. Like the scene with a woman and a piece of cake. The movie wouldnít have suffered if that scene was excised from the final print. It served no purpose. The fight scenes may have been spectacular, but the lack of everything certainly hurt. Iíll just reiterate that I was disappointed and end it at that.

Final Score Ė 6/10

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*********Spoilers THROUGHOUT*********

Ok, so, after reading the very mixed reviews of this, and after thoroughly enjoying the original Matrix I did not know whether to be excited or worried sitting down to this movie. What ultimately hit me about this movie was the chaos. The first movie, especially in comparison, was very stark and simplistic once you understood the basic theories put behind it. Even the large action sequences were all very measured, each movement coordinated perfectly, every bullet was important.

Matrix: Reloaded was put on a FAR larger scale, partly, I think, because it was meant to show the extent of Neo's capabilities, but that also allowed more chance for flaws and plot troubles. For example, the romance between Trinity and Neo just did not seem to match up, not necessarily in theory, but how it was carried out. The entire sex/rave "orgy" scene was entirely out of place, and almost laughably calling young boys wanting to see Trinity get some "action".

Another issue I had, was the drawn-out fashion of many of the action scenes. Ok. We get it. There are LOTS of Mr. Smiths. There are badass programs coming at Neo with sticks. It's very cool at first, but it was in dire need of a bit of snipping and tightening here and there. These two complaints, as well as much of the story line being rather hazy (perhaps purposely so that it can be cleaned and spiffed up in Revolutions?) are really my main issues with the movie.

All of these negative thoughts put aside, it was a truly great time. Keanu Reeves was in normal form (take that to mean what you will ), Carrie-Ann Moss was quite the badass in this, which I appreciated. I loved the character of Morpheus FAR more in this one, he was cooler, smarter, more human and just absolutely EXCELLENT. Agent Smith was also, as always, BRILLIANT.

The newer additions to the flick really did not do much for me, aside from Monica Belluci who everyone, guy or chick, must admit is very beautiful and absolutely stunning in her short role. The "twins" that have been getting rave reviews were cool, but honestly got on my nerves more than they did excite me.

In short, this movie was far messier than the original, but it was compelling, fun, and interesting enough to keep me drawn-in throughout. Hopefully, Revolutions will return to the form of the original, but I am more than willing to settle for this as our middle section of the trilogy.

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I had high expectations for THE MATRIX RELOADED. After all, the MATRIX revolutionized the art of special effects. Not only did it have amazing CGI, it had a very original and extremely well thought out storyline. However, this is old news to anyone who has had the fortune of seeing the first movie.


The opening scene was breathtaking, yet I'll admit I was a little disappointed when I found out it was just a mere dream. Neo, Morpheus and Trinity developed their characters a lot in this movie. Agent Smith is back, and I was worried about how they would explain his return. I believe that they teased a little information, yet we won't know the full truth until REVOLUTIONS.
I could have done without the "orgy-type" scene in Zion near the beginning. If everyone wanted one big fling before the end, that's fine...I just think they went a little too far with it. I wouldn't have called Neo and Trinity's love scene "passionless" like I've heard from other people so many times. It was there and it served its purpose. The only new characters that really impressed me was Niobe and the Twins, but they was hardly used. I didn't care for Merovingian, but I guess he was just there to annoy and nothing more. I didn't particularly like the Oracle in the first movie, but she kind of grew on me this time around (Sure it has something to do with her kick-ass bodyguard). Character and plot points aside, the MATRIX is really all about the action. The fight scene of "100 Smiths" was shear brilliance. I was more than skeptical on how they could pull this scene off, but dammit somehow they did it. And just when I think the scene is over...BAM!!!a shitload more Smiths come out of nowhere!! Of course it wasn't perfect as you could spot several times when Smith's face was not that of Mr. Hugo Weaving. The "chase scene" is the by far the best of the movie...I was floored as to how much action they squeezed into that little 12-14 minutes. The "cliffhanger" could have been better, but I believe come November it will all mesh together quite nicely. It has to. So much has been put into these movies, it all has to come together in the end. Is Neo really the One?
Was the Architect feeding him a bunch of shit? Will Trinity bite the big one? Regardless, I will be in line at the theatre that week in November. I'll give RELOADED the same score I gave its groundbreaking predecessor:

8 out of 10.

Awesome movie. If you haven't seen it yet, shame on you.

On a side note, I've been playing the ENTER THE MATRIX video game. Before you suggest I take this to the video game boards, just hear me out for a second: this game not only kicks booty, it gives more light into the RELOADED movie. To sum it up, the game lets you play as Captain Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) and as her first mate of the Logos, Ghost (Anthony Wong). I'm over half way done with Niobe's adventure, and I'm quite impressed. It doesn't give a lot of revelations about the movie, basically just different angles (Example is how Niobe and Ghost get to the freeway chase). It also contains over an hours worth of live footage that was shot during the making of RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS. Neo, Morpheus and Trinity do have cameos, but it mostly focuses on the secondary characters like the Twins, the Keymaker and that bastard, Bain. Hell, even one scene has Persephone giving Niobe a choice similar to that of the one she gave Neo. Folks, if you thought the kiss between Monica and Keanu was hot...you haven't seen Monica and Jada go at it. Persephone also realizes that Niobe is still in love with Morpheus (for those few people who didn't figure it out). This game is way cool, even though the graphics could have been better. If you love the MATRIX, have an extra $50 lyin' around and own either a PlayStation 2, GameCube, X-Box or PC...this game is a must have. This game actually made me appreciate RELOADED a lot more.

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Old 05-15-2003, 08:57 PM
Kinda of a disappointment in my book. Don't get me wrong a lot of the film was good. It just had a little too much mumbo jumbo. I mean my god Morpheus, we know you believe in the prophecy! But to constantly remind us, it gets a little old. The production design was spectacular, and the effects will win some Oscars again. I think maybe if i see it a couple more times, I will appreciate it more. Overall i would give it a 7 of 10.
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Old 05-15-2003, 10:07 PM

The matrix's concept is not one understood by mainstream and whiney movie watchers, the guys who complain about the small meaningless details, or think they are smarter then the movie and so on.

I saw this movie tonight in well you guessed it a crowded theater this movie is simply amazing, I am not just talking about it in the graphic sense but the story line is absolutely riveting, this may have been missed on those who aren't exactly bright or those who were bitching while the movie was playing. All in all I always agree with Joblo's scoring but as for a 6/10 I have to ask myself why? I mean I have seen other just action movies rated higher this is a work of art and the storyline is relatable and the twists and turns at the end are perfect.

Yes the Zion scences didn't need to be in there did that really freaking bother you? I mean come on so what the movie is longer then you wanted what's the hurt in that? The scence with the girl and cake was humor, I can see the bros are going a bit farther and its all good. I can understand people's opinions but wow I was just shocked with the low scores hahah.

10/10 you show me an epic, action, or story that compares.
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Old 05-16-2003, 12:10 AM
(btw, i just read RogueSpear's review above and he pointed out in detail the annoyances and flaws i felt the movie had!)

i just saw this film today, i dont have time to write a long review but to make a long story short. im extremely disappointed in the sequel.

when i saw that jo gave it a 6 before i saw the movie, i was like no way and i said maybe jo messed this one up. i think jo hit this one right on the button. 6 is a perfect score. cause it doesnt deserve a 5 cause of the good stuff that always come along with the matrix, good effects, cool fighting scenes, neo. that comes witht he matrix by default tho.

but nothing higher than a 6. this movie had high expectations and it didnt live up to it in my eyes.

the added sub-plots of the sequel really destroyed it for me. zion, the zion setting, the party, silly love scenes.

it wasn't bad obviously cause it's still the matrix which is based on a such a cool concept, but the sequel as a sequel and as a film in general i thought wasn't that good.

most of the movie seemed to be filler. they needed to edit it better. i was waiting for something to actually happen for like 1 hr into the film.

also the philosophical lines in this sequel just plain sucked. in the first one, the philosophical lines and topics really made a lot of sense, were cool and intellectual. there was just dum sh** in this one like:
"u dont know someone until u fight him" also over and over about purpose and prophecy. me and my friends were like cmon the lines are just too lame. every character just had something dumb to say and said whenever he or she could.

there were some cute funny lines that popped up here and there which probably felt more real in this movie than the philosophical lines they tried to add in

in the end, i was upset cause i feel they messed up the matrix. the original was too cool.

i think the major problem is that the first one left so much more to the imagination, but the sequel seemed more like science fiction, star wars type stuff which bothered me cause that's not what i personally had in mind for the matrix.

just my opinion.

i still love the battle scenes! and i cant wait to see the third one nevertheless

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matrix reloaded

As if it was any surprise.....this movie is freakin' awesome!! I could not wipe the smile off my face after I left the theatre and I'm still thinking about it. As promised everything in this movie was bigger. More character development, more action scenes to leave your jaw on the floor, and more to think about. I can see how some people with a shorter attention span might get irritated about all the dramatics at the beginning of this movie but for me it is just one more thing that draws me to the matrix. They reward you for your patience through the "slower" half of the movie tenfold. There are just so many themes and so many little meanings you can pull from the movie. Every little detail in this movie is thought out. You get to see new sides of Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo you hadn't seen yet and it takes you even further into their world and their struggles. I loved getting to see the magnificence of Morpheus as he spoke in Zion...the true leader of the war against the machines(along with Neo) I loved getting to see the softer side of Trinity and her commitment to Neo. I loved getting to see Neo take his powers even further and do even more unbelievable feats. You get to see his weaknesses as well even though he is super powerful. I thought all the new characters were very well acted...especially Link and Persephone. The action scenes.....as you guessed were out of this world!!!!! The Matrix had what I and I'm sure many others consider to be some of the better action scenes ever put on film; and this movies tops them by a long shot!!! Yes a long shot!!! Kung Fu, guns, swords, motorcycles, and explosions galore; what more could you ask for?!?! I think the Neo vs. Agent Smith's fight scene is the BEST fight scene of all time and I think the highway chase action scene is the BEST action scene ever......EVER!!! If nothing else you will not be disappointed by the action in this movie...even if you are not interested in the plot. I will definitely be going back for another helping very soon; two huge thumbs up and not one shred of disappointment!!! Amazing!!! The six months to Revolutions is going to seem like another four years to me!!

My rating 10/10

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Old 05-16-2003, 03:10 AM
What to think? One of the most anticapted sequels in a long time, and my verdict? Pwah Yah.

The movie somehow managed to suffer from the same sequelitis that both new Star Wars sequels were impaired with, too much and too much of a different feel. A lot of the scripting is laughably similar to Ep1 and Ep2 with the whole very boring "Chancellor/ Counsellor" talk. The Planet Zion scenes, well, suck.

Essentially, you could cut the film to just involve the half an hour car chase (the only scene that I feel retains the style of the original), and you'd have a very good film -- or action sequence. The work on that scene is amazing and outdoes just about any other action sequence I've ever seen. Stunning.

But there's a whole lot of bumbling, miscasting (Link in particular. Why another comic relief character who we don't give a shit about) and some actually very dull scenes.

One of the biggest disapointments was the multiple agent Smith fight, that just looked like a chunk of CGI, and Smith's character felt sadly forced onto us... unlike last time when he was essential to the plot. That's another thing, much of the editing is jumpy and the scenes don't click together.

There's also the feeling that it's trying to deal with too many ideas, emphasised in the laughable faux academic dialogue at the end.

I'd decided not to go to blockbusters as of late, and I'd saved the Matrix Reloaded as an exception, but it's dissapointing considering the first's towering power. Saved from failure by an amazing sequence, but still smells a little of rubbish.

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Old 05-16-2003, 04:24 AM
The Matrix Reloaded : 9,5/10

This movie is incredible. It has a few minor flaws especially at the beginning, but then I couldn't believe my eyes.
Action scenes are probably the best ever, but the plot and characters are also very interesting.
We get to learn a lot about the Matrix and I loved it.

I loved the twins. Imagine 2 Nightcrawlers in a freeway pursuit
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Old 05-16-2003, 05:14 AM

The Matrix Reloaded

The Good:
- Mansion Fight Scene
- Freeway Chase
- Stick Fighting Scene
- The Twins (very cool characters)
- Persephone (very hot)
- overall good acting besides that weirdo neo-fan
The Bad:
- Starts off a bit too slow, action takes a while to start.
- The conversations explain the matrix are too long. (e.g. architect, morpheus' speech, etc)
- unrealistic bits

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Old 05-16-2003, 09:48 AM

A classic. I loved this movie. It's live action anime at its best.

The Good:

Burly Brawl - Woah! Full of signature moves that were packed with stlye, and plenty of fun moments. My favorite scene from the whole movie.

Trinity on the motorcycle - Trin, and keymaker looked so awesome riding that motobike through the busy traffic. That scene kicked total ass. Best motorbike chase scene ever on film.

Neo: I love Keanu Reeves! He has charisma to burn (meaning that if he burnt some of his charisma he would still have a lot left) He looked so god damn bad ass in that Gothic new suit. It made him seem more animated on screen.

So much more good points to list, but I'm too lazy to type them up now.

The bad:

I'm happy to say that nothing was bad.


Killer movie, love it to death. Will become a must have DVD for everyone.

Bring on Revolutions!
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Old 05-16-2003, 02:38 PM
I was looking forward to the Matrix Reloaded for a long time. It was a good movie... but not what I expected. It took awhile to get into the story....and the whole dance scene was shit and a waste of time. For the first 30 mins, I was extremely pissed off, but then some great action scenes came onto the screen. Even though they were too long, they still were great. But the acting was terrible, the direction was decent, and the story wasn't that good. I was disappionted with this movie. The only reason why I gave it a higher rating than I should've is because I loved the action scenes.

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Old 05-16-2003, 05:37 PM

I just got back from seeing it, and let me tell ya - stick to the original.

OK, where do I start? I guess I'll get the positives done first, since that won't take long. (Before you skip the rest of what I have to say, I'll grade this movie as "OK", one level below "good."

The Goods: Phenomenal action sequences and special effects. The multiple-smith scene (the first major one) is basically the only reason to really watch this movie. I admit that it looked ripped directly out of the "Enter the Matrix" video game (Neo looked really computerized for a few seconds here and there), but still, the effort and time that must've been put into directing/building that one scene must be given some props.
The Freeway scene is spectacular also.

End of goods.

The first baddie I'll attack is the storyline/dialogue. Now, I completely understood and loved the first Matrix, and it made perfect sense. This one takes a simple idea and completely bashes it to death with nonsensical and overly thick explanations/dialogue about Zion, choices, and all that mumbo-jumbo. I was seriously bored by it after a while, and decided to just tune it out, all the while thinking, "Ya know, I could easily just focus on the coming war with the machines. This stuff just makes no sense." And there was really no need for some of it. The scene with the Architect could've been much shorter, and again, it was about choices. Enough already, I got it. We all make choices, blah blah blah.

I also can't help but think that while the action scenes were absolutely brilliantly done, they were in there solely for the purpose of "Yeah, this is the Matrix, and you can do ANYTHING in it, so we're just gonna completely blow your mind with it all." Sort of like it had no relevance to the story, but it was just there "because they could do it."

Ah yes, and am I the only one who thinks that Neo is just TOO freakin' powerful? The man, while he is "still human," can do practically anything he wants! He can take bullets out of your body, he can use the force to grab items far away, and he can fly. . .out of the many other super-abilities he has. Obviously, he's continuing to be a Jesus figure, but. . .eh, I don't buy it.

Out of a 5-star rating, this would get just baaaarely a 2. I understand that many others out there liked it, and many others share the same complaints as I do. I won't be looking forward to the third movie, but I'll still have to see it in order to finish the story.

The music was great. The techno beats during the fight scenes and the overall score were superb. I just might buy the score on CD.

The Twins DID need more time. They were never explained either, they were just a few kick-ass characters who died way too quickly.

The sex scene between Neo and Trinity intertwined with tribal dancing really got on my nerves. Big deal, it was really just filler. Trinity isn't that hot (you don't see anything anyway) and the scene simply went on for too long.

As it was mentioned previously, I agree with: This film seemed more like a trailer to Revolutions. The more I think about it, emptier this movie felt. "How can it be empty"?!" Well, dialogue that completely lectured and bored + a few solid action sequences + a "to be concluded" ending = Better get ready for the third and hopefully final film.

Those are my thoughts, and I thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Old 05-16-2003, 05:42 PM

I have a new-found liking of this movie as of late. At first, I would've given it a 7, but upon thinking over the implications of the story I came to the conclusion that there is such a vast subtext that this movie will stand up to multiple viewings more than the first. The great thing about musing over philosophy and important universal questions like the meaning of life is- one can always have a different interpretation. So it may take me a long time to truly come to a real conclusion about this movie's meaning. When we were told this movie would be better than the first in every way, they were right (pretty much)- the philosophy is back in force, action kicks ass, and the story is much better.

Also, I agree with a previous poster that said an education might be necessary to fully understand the movie.
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Old 05-16-2003, 07:09 PM
It was pretty disappointing. Very pretentious, convoluted and preachy. The philosophical talk bored me stiff and I really didn't care for any of the new characters.

The action was didn't blow me away as I hoped. It was well-done, but I felt like I was seeing the same thing over again, besides the highway chase, which was an incredible thing to watch.

Visually speaking, it was pretty damn good, though the big fight between Neo and the hundred Smith's got more and more cartoonish as it went on...

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Old 05-16-2003, 08:10 PM
Locked and "Reloaded."

After seeing this movie for the third time, I'm ready to share my thoughts. While I agree with some that the movie was a little overly preachy, and the part with the architect contained too much expository, I have to say unequivacably, this is the best action ever put on screen! The fight choreography was remarkable, the FX were astounding! I've seen people say things like, "This movie barley rates a 2," and "The fight scenes were ok, but nothing new." What??! Nothing new? Are you kidding me, or just overly medicated at the time of your review? These fight scenes were lengthy, complex, nearly perfectly synchronized, and unmatched by anything I've scene, and I've seen plenty. The FX was mind boggling. What they were able to accomplish was so far above what I was expecting, my jaw was on the floor. Not perfect, but what is?
The story was bold, and very ambitious, taking the viewer on a journey of many layers. It takes a second viewing to disseminate more of the info the bros. are trying to convey to us. They should of cut out the scene with the cake and the girl in white, (Who is she? She looks delicious! Grrrrr)and they could have cut the dialogue with the architect in half, it would have streamlined the movie considerably. Those were my only complaints.
I understand why each fight was happening, they didn't just throw in fight scenes out of nowhere. To me they made sense. The twins got plenty of screen time, why are people complaining? They were in nearly the entire freeway sequence, and they were in the brief skirmishes right before that freeway "free for all."
Trinity and Neo's love is important in this flick. Their love sets up much of the crux of the problem, choosing the love of one over the supposed fate of all; intriguing.
Keanu Reeves moved like he's been studying martial arts since his time in the womb. Damn, Woo Ping is awesome! With every new effort he outdoes himself. Keanu Reeves flowed smooth under his tutilage. No one else could have been Neo but Keanu Reeves, the new king of Action. (As long as he doesn't have to talk much, just pose, because his acting is still a little bit stuff, but he's improving.)
Morpheus was badass again. Serving as the film's spritual center. Fishburne's the man!
And as far as the conclusion goes, I thought it was excellent, they covered alot in this film, they didn't need to attempt any more. Revolutions will answer any remaining questions. The Fellowship of the Rings had a far more treachorously abrupt ending, and few complained!
All in all, if it weren't for the overly lengthy and somewhat confusing scene with the architect, and a little too wordy of a script, I'd call this movie as close to perfect as humanly possible. So I regret, I can only give the movie a 9/10

Negro, OUT!
"Grrrrrr- the Tiger (((((Roarrrrrs!)))))
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Old 05-16-2003, 10:40 PM
Although Matrix: Reloaded did not live up to my expectations entirely (which was probably impossible), it did give me a good thrill ride and left me wanting more. The action was intensified by, phew, oh let's say 5 times - ballpark. I was more than thrilled to see that there was a great number of fight scenes and most of the those were considerably longer. But the one that kicks ass is, obviously, the car chase scene - it just blows the mind how awesome this scene is. From the fight scenes, the explosions, and of course the special effects that goes along with the characters all add up to one kickass scene.

The story switches from the explanation of the matrix and Neo and his cohorts (in the first one in case you haven't been following along) to what must be done in this "war" between man and machine (which line I hope to use in my critique of T3: Rise of the Machines). It does get confusing at times, especially towards the end where Neo makes his "oh so important choice" given to him (I would say by who but that might be a spoiler that is really unnecessary for me to divulge).

I like the simplicity of some of the plot - things like the character of "The Keymaster." That seemed like so 70s and 80s; well, it just seemed like it didn't belong in a movie with so many fight scenes and special effects. Also - the door #1 or door #2 aspect of it I liked as well. Again - simple.

Unfortunately, a lot of things get complicated. And a lot of things aren't explained all that well. At least, I didn't get it. What exactly happens at the end confused me - not the abrupt ending, I was expecting that - but the technojargon that is thrown back and forth didn't make much sense.

Agent Smith is as cool as ever, Morpheus isn't as cool as he was before, and Carrie-Anne Moss & Monica Bellucci can make me their slave any day of the week, month, year, millenium.

Overall, I did enjoy the movie for its awesome and extended fight scenes, special effects, the two beautiful women that I adore, and the interesting storyline (though not as mysterious as the enigma of the matrix in the first one). The movie is bogged down by the complication of what the hell is actually going on. Maybe with repeated watchings (which is inevitable in my case), I'll understand it more. Or maybe with Revolutions, it'll all become clear.


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Old 05-16-2003, 11:05 PM
Now, in recent years, I've found that the more hype I hear about a movie, the less I actually end up liking it. Needless to say, I've been avoiding listening to any news or behind the scenes crap for the movie, and I have to say...this movie kicks ass...

I'm not a huge fan of The Matrix, for the reason that I got sick of seeing "bullet-time" after numerous parodies. But in all honesty, I'd have to say this is really a good movie. If you were to take out the fighting and special effects, it would probably still be a decent flick, because of the fact that at times it seems absurd, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I won't go into great detail about it, but you'll know when you see it. I would urge you to go see this movie, and not just because of the special effects, but because it really makes you think...

The Matrix: Reloaded- 9/10
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OK, I'm gonna start this review by getting the bad stuff out of the way. First off, the dialogue was WAY too cryptic for me, especially toward the end. I almost fell asleep during most of that sequence. Secondly, the new characters were terribly underused..especially Persephone..Belluci was great, but she didn't have a lot to work with. Pinkett-Smith was also solid, but I know that we'll be seeing more of her in the next film. The party scene was cool but it was waaaaaaaaaay too long..that music kept playing over and over and I felt like I was gonna go nuts. Those were really the biggest issues I had with the movie. Now..on to the good stuff.

If you thought the visuals in the first film were great, you haven't seen anything. The action sequences were spectacular times ten, especially that car chase sequence (which was quite long but VERY cool!!). The twins were also quite wicked but needed more screen time. As for the Trinity/Neo thing, it went down smoother than I had anticipated. I found myself invested somewhat into their relationship and the final sequence with Neo and Trinity was very engaging.

Was it everything I hoped for? Nah. Was it exciting? Entertaining? You bet! Will I be seeing this again? Don't you hate it when people ask questions all the time? :-p
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Old 05-17-2003, 12:34 AM
I saw it last night and was totally blown away! Being the second film in a trilogy, coupled with the intense hype, mixed in with the 4 year wait had me expecting to be disappointed! But I was not!
The first movie established the basis for the story, ie the computer system enslaving humanity, so with that out of the road The Brothers were able to explore with the story line a little more. However, this does bank on the prior knowledge of the audience who, had they not really known the first movie well, would not be able to comprehend what was happening!
The additions of the premonitions/dreams that neo experiences were a great touch as they added a new dimension to the viewers understanding of what 'the ONE' entails and it also opened the door to a new line of philosophical questioning. I also enjoyed seeing ZION for the first time. The raw, earthy feel to the place with the organic colouring made for a real animal/human feel that was necessary to counterpoint the anti-humanness present within the confines of The Matrix. This is why I feel the extended sex/dance scene was necessary as it not only exemplified the real side of these powerful beings but also the theme of love. Love is vitally important in this movie. At the climax of the last film we saw how Love conquers all, even death...and this is furthered in this new film. I believe that the Brothers are trying to show our civilisation up as we have become such an anti-love society which destroys our very humanness.
Don Davis did a marvellous job in the first film with his score as he chose metallic, masculine sounds for The Matrix itself and soft, feminine sounds for the real world. This contrast worked extremely effectively and I was interested to see how he translated it onto the new story line. What he has achieved as a work that stands by itself as a story. We once again have a revisiting of the harsh, metallic sounds of the Matrix and its reflected feminine side of the real world, but in this film there is an added element. Davis made an interesting choice in collaborating with Juno reactor on a number of tracks. This sees the integration of the classical, orchestral theme music with techno and more up-beat idioms that, when meshed together, produce an intense and suspensively climactic atmosphere. Another interesting point that I picked up was that, despite the contrasting musical choices between The Matrix and the real world, Davis has chosen to let some of the metallic, machine-like sounds to waft and echo within Zion. One notices this the mast when Neo is talking with the counsellor in the machine level of Zion which seems to indicate that, despite the search fro freedom and rejection of machinery, there is always an unescapable presence of technology.
The questions of destiny, fate and freedom that were such a striking force in the first movie are still prevalent in the sequel. However, there is now the added concerns of choice, ramifications and time. I feel that the latter, ie Time, is what the brothers are trying to push for the most. The very beginning of the movie starts with a zoom out from a clock which immediately puts the emphasis on time and forges in the mind of the viewer that time is of vital importance in the movie. This explains the repeated usage of the famous Ďbullet-timeí special effect techniques that revisits in this film. It also explains why the brothers are such ardent admirers of the Slow Motion technique. When we contemplate the reasons behind choosing to use such special effects we can see that the brothers are trying to put across the idea that no matter how fast, or slow it takes to do something, the ramifications of it are inevitable and unchangeable. This brings in the whole idea of choice. The dialogue between the Oracle and Neo is extremely interesting in its ideas that choices in the future are set and what one must decipher, rather than worrying what will happen, is WHY those choices and actions have taken place. This leads to the questions of cause and effect and that line of questioning and contemplation is very thought provoking.
The matrix revolutionised the way that the modern world looks at special effects and has hence made the currant generation the most visually literate of history so far. Rather than generating a new load of effects to be copied by thousands of movies and television shows, what the directors have chosen is to re-use some old favourites but o make them SO complex that copying would be out of the question. But one has to ask weather the directors put in the special effects to show off that they have the means, know how and patience to pull them off? In my opinion I feel that there is an element of that involved but I believe that, as intimated earlier, they have concentrated on those certain effects to highlight the philosophical aspects of the film, as well as to further the storyline. Take for example the Burly Brawl. This is an extremely extensive scene that would have taken in excess of an age to pull off. Certainly there have been movies in the past that have employed the use of character duplication (Take ĎThe Oneí for example) but never to this point of complexity and intricacy. This helps the story line as there is an undercurrent of rebellion in Zion as a number of the contingent donít believe, as Morpheous does, that Neo is ĎThe Oneí. Link is one of those and as he sees the things that Neo can do, such as the Burly Brawl, the belief begins to grow within him. And one mustnít loose sight of the fact that main idea behind the differences between the matrixís false reality and the real world is that the rules can be broken. To help the viewer understand this concept, the brothers have put unimaginable images and sequences in to explain and clarify the true sense of falsehood that is Omni-present within the matrix.
The only mistake that I could pick up was during the fight between neo and the Oracleís protector. Their fight takes them onto the tables that have a number of jars and bowls upon them. The two combatants eventually get onto the middle table and we see a shot from above the two as they kick at each other. Within this shot we see Neo step back and the bowel behind his foot wobbles and falls off the table in slow motion. The shot changes and miraculously the bowel is back on the table, unscathed.
What I have said have been my own personal insights from the film after seeing it last night. I havenít taken ideas from anywhere else, they are merely my own personal reflections. I may have missed some things but I have only seen it once, perhaps I will pick up some more on my second viewing which is at 8:30 tonightÖI CANíT WAIT!
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The Matrix Reloaded - (9/10)
Info: (2003) R, Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lawrence Fishbourne
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi
Comments: After reading a couple mediocre reviews for this movie and then seeing the movie for myself, I just have to conclude that this movie kicked serious ass! People complained about its philosophical aspects (esp. one scene where the man uses some pretty heavy language of course which I understood) when they merely aided the great story. Zion is about to be attacked by the sentinals so Neo sets out in search of a way to stop it. Its hard to give a clear description because a lot is going on here and we do get a cliffhanger ending. Agent Smith returns as a program that actually seems stronger than the agents. I loved the action scenes, they kicked so much ass. Especially one scene where Neo faces 100 agent Smiths, totally kick ass. People say how the first one should have gotten the PG-13 tag, well Reloaded has some bloody scenes that I actually didnt expect. I enjoyed the direction that this movie took. It focused a lot on the actual world of Zion and its people. We meet a lot of the people living there and their lifestyles. I guess if you want to see the movie for action sequences you will have a good time and if you want to see it for the story you will also have a good time. If you can put both together like I did, you will have kick ass time! I have to actually say that I may have enjoyed this better than the first one, which I think I will need to see again. The only problem with this movie is that the darn ending leaves you wanting more... and now!! See it.

Acting - 7/10 (Hmm some of lines seemed forced but for the most part some awesome Sci-Fi style acting here.)
Violence/Gore - 7/10 (Wow, three times the blood the first one had. We get blood on the wall and a guy getting impaled)
T&A - 3/10 - (We get some glympses of tits along with Neo's butt!)
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a Wachowski Bros. flick

Well, well, well...THE MATRIX RELOADED, the most expected movie of the year. I, for one, wasn't hyped about this one like a lot of people were. I loved the original MATRIX, but always thought it overrated, and never considered it anywhere close to the best movie ever, as some people dubbed it. I was looking forward to RELOADED because the trailers looked good, the Wachowski brothers sure know their shite, and it's got a pretty cool cast for such a big blockbuster. That being said, X2 and the upcoming LOTR: RETURN OF THE KING had (and in the case of ROTK still has) me more hyped than RELOADED, so I think my review won't be blurred by me having expected too much from this one.

Now let's get down to business!

The + :

-- The cast. There's the top trio, that works perfect: Keanu Reeves (who actually impressed me for once, it's the first time in years I thought "the man has skills!"), Carrie-Ann Moss (my personal favorite, hot as hell, bad-ass as always) and Laurence Fishburne (as Monica Belluci puts him: the Lion King). Our favorite baddie comes back, as Hugo Weaving is as hateable as ever as Agent Smith (several of them, actually). And, which makes me extremely proud, both European newcomers were also a blast: Lambert Wilson (he was fun as hell), and Monica Bellucci, who was as hot as could be expected in those white outfits and the accent and the boobs...damn!
-- The action scenes. They're pretty much as good as you can get. Neo's fight against the Smiths, the opening, the ending, and especially the freeway chase...it's big-time action. It rocks. It's cool. It's impressive. Very impressive.
-- The overall directing and style for the parts that take place in the Matrix. Those scenes had coolness written all over them.
-- The cliffhanger and overall ending. It's pretty cool, not really predictable, and it makes me look forward to REVOLUTIONS as it's supposed to.

The - :
-- Zion. It looked butt-ugly, the celebration/rave-party/sex scene had no point, and it felt like nothing important happened.
-- Too talky. The philosophical bullshit (which is actually, for the most part, rambling...I study philosophy and while some questions in the movie are good ones, the rest is just useless blah-blah) went over and over again for no reason, taking out time to tell us stuff we already know (or, rather, to point out stuff we already knew we did NOT know yet).
-- Too repetitive. Many of Neo's fights and moves look and feel like one another, the dialogues come back over and over again in different characters's mouth, and it just feels like we're getting nowhere. That's a bad point -- second parts of trilogies should take things forward and to a high. Just look at THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and be convinced.
-- Un-intense, in a way. Most fights have no particular point, as it seems Neo can kick anyone's butt whenever he wants. Even facing the Agent Smiths, he can't beat them, but he seems to have a cool time holding them back. There's no real intensity in any of it. Same for the plot -- it goes on for so long, and repeats so much, that it turns quite loose, and the pressure often falls as quick as it rises.

Overall, THE MATRIX RELOADED doesn't live up to the level of the original MATRIX. It opens up pretty cool, but not as strong as the first one. It has some cool action scenes, but except for the freeway chase, it lost the "wow" effect that each and every scene from the first gave. It has some good moments, but it also has some boring moments, whereas the first one was fast-paced. Where the first one was being deep and interesting philosophically, RELOADED is most often pompous and pretentious and repetitive.
Don't get me wrong: THE MATRIX RELOADED isn't a bad movie. It's got a cool opening, a very average medium run, and a cool ending (except for a certain part that involved Trinity, Neo's hand, and "life after death"...now that could've been a great moment if they'd just been a bit poetic, but the way it's done, all the impact goes out the window) that hits high with a sweet cliffhanger. All I'm saying is this: it could've been a great movie, and it hasn't even been a good one. It's been a decent flick, entertaining, well-done, but nothing that's going to blow you away. And if REVOLUTIONS (for which I still am excited) has the same level as this one, then the MATRIX trilogy will lose its status as potential member of a "best trilogies ever" list in my book -- and THE LORD OF THE RINGS will be remembered as the best trilogy of the beginning of the XXIst century. If REVOLUTIONS does bounce back to be as good as THE MATRIX, and maybe bring more understanding and power to RELOADED, then we still could have a great trilogy in our hands. We'll know in a few months.

7/10 (it's actually between 6.75 and 7, nearer to 6.75, but I'm a generous person ).
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I really enjoyed the film and after watching the first for the third time I finally understood what was going on. And this one I think I got it on the first try which is a plus. But I do have a major concern with the film. The rave sequence mixed with the Neo-Trinity love scene ALMOST took me out of the movie. I swear that seemed like it lasted 15 minutes and was so boring. Why in the world wasn't that trimmed a bit. But all in all a good way to spend a couple of hours.
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My Review of The Matrix Reloaded

IN Short:Following X2 The Matrix Reloaded proves this is the summer for sequels

THE GOOD:This movie is really a visual feast,i defy anyone not to be in awe at the intense action and visual effects.All of our favorites from The Matrix are back,Keanu Reeves/Neo ,Laurence Fishburne/Morpheus,Carrie-Anne Moss/Trinity.I couldnt help but notice that Marcus Chong/Tank was missing though.I guess he did from his wounds or on another mission,because he is spoken of in the past tense by his sister in Reloaded,Nona M. Gaye/ Zee.In real life i hear he had a salary dispute with the studio heads at Warner Brother's.But thats another story.I loved the intensity of the romance between Neo and Trinity.It was so thrilling to watch Neo as "Superman"!And if the Superman flic ever gets off the ground please hire the same special effects team for it.The highway scene was just so breathtakingly beautiful,from the fights to the explosions on the highway i swear your draw will drop about a dozen times !! I love Monica Bellucci/Persephone not only is she stunningly beautiful,but there is this intense flavor she always brings to the table,sexy and smart and always sure of herself.The same way she did in Brotherhood Of The Wolf.Jada Pinkett Smith/Niobe her part was small but she still makes the most of it,just tough and intense as ever.We dip a little into Morpheus past,and his connection to Niobe.New allies ,new enemies.And we get to see Zion a stunning hive of activity and the last outpost for humans.I also enjoyed watching the deadly,albino,dreadlock twins.Their knife fight with Morpheus in the car cracked me up.Harold Perrineau Jr. /Link is as much fun to watch here as he was on the HBO series OZ.Hugo Weaving / Agent Smith Neo's main nemesis returns more powerful and full of hate than ever before.So much fun watching them fight relentlessly!!

The Bad:Ok i will say it the French dude!! He annoyed the heck out of me!! It seemed his speach in the restaurant went on and on and on people started to laugh and moan in the theatre.And when Neo meets the architect,this guy explains the who,what,when and where of the matrix i felt as if i had stepped
into a class of philosophy 101,102,103 and so on !! Dude we get it!! He could of wrapped up his explanation in 30 seconds!!Makes me wonder if the directors The Wachowski Brothers were just using this as filler.And questions answered with questions!!! I also could have done without "The Zion Orgy Determined To Live Dance"After a minute or two it wasnt sexy anymore just funny!

All in all a great time at the movies I loved the trailer to REVOLUTIONS which rolled after the credits.Wow is it November yet??? Reloaded has its flaws but still scale of 1-10 a big fat 8 !
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