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The Eye

Take an average ghost story, dress it up with a good cast and accessorize it with an interesting soundtrack . . . then push it down with horrible special effects and drop a piano on it because the damned thing failed to tap into its potential.
Oh, and make sure to kick it while its down for never living up to its first scare.

The movie revolves around Mun, a young blind woman who just got eye transplants from a nondescript donor. Things start off well enough, even though her eyes are having trouble adjusting to sight. See, since Mun lived the majority of her life blind, she learned to recognize objects by their feel and nothing more--it’s going to take her awhile to shake that need and let herself recognize things in a more visual way. But that’s the least of her worries: the transplants had a terrifying side-effect. Mun’s started to see things. Dead things. Apparently, her donor was anything but typical . . . and because of 'that' Mun’s forced to watch tired-looking ghosts as they mumble and groan (oh, and one - for some reason - has a lizard-tongue. go figure).

I watched The Eye with subtitles, and everyone seemed competent with their scenes. Angelica Lee (Mun) is a very charming presence. I warmed up to the girl almost immediately. Also notable among the cast was Lawrence Chou (Dr. Wah), who managed to come off understanding and helpful when his role could’ve easily taken a turn for creepy.

The Pang Brothers do a bang-up job of directing . . . most of the time. Occasionally they tend to get melodramatic with the camera, which creates some really laughable scenarios. You know the drill: if someone’s freaking out the camera zooms in and out, twists, rotates, spins around, and generally goes ADHD. Does this ever work? No! So stop doing it. But the Pang Brothers are able to pull tension out of thin air, and in a ghost movie that’s an irreplaceable ability.

Hard beats and calm piano notes carry the score well. There’s only a few tracks noticeable, but most of them are all fantastic and serve the scenes the best they can. The only problem is that, when the movie tends towards “happy moments”, the music bathes in sap. In some movies this works, in others it doesn’t. In The Eye, it doesn’t.

The Eye’s main selling point is that it’s scary as hell. With that in mind, the movie is very, very disappointing. The first scare is a keeper (what was that cough/gag/huff thing the old woman was doing? scary . . .), and I actually did the finger-over-the-eye thing . . . but after that it falls below The Sixth Sense in the “holy-shit that’s creepy” meter. The elevator scene is intense, but the “chair” scenario is weak (bad CGI hurts what could’ve been a scary scene) and the other ghost scenes suffer from “I just wandered out of a low-budget video-game” syndrome. So what it all boils down to is that, in the scare aspect, the critics don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t go into The Eye hoping to stay up all night with the lights on. You'll be underwhelmed.

The major issue with The Eye is that its so incredibly average in its field that it fails to make an impression. It has a few great selling points: the first “scare”, the interesting twist on the donor’s identity, the elevator scene . . .
But the problems overtake the movie: god-awful special effects (if you want to see hints at what I’m talking about, just watch the trailer), decent characters with decent relationships (up the anti! come on now!), a typical, very “Mothman Prophecies” (a superior film) ending, and a few overly-typical dialogue scenes that yammer on about “death” the same way every other film of its ilk does.

Should you check this out? Well . . . there are a lot better movies to see. Because of that this would be a waste of money. After the first fifteen-or-so minutes you’ve witnessed the best parts. That’s hardly a reason to shell out the required greenback. The critics have over-hyped this puppy into making you think that it’ll turn your hair white--don't believe them.
This movie is (drum roll) overrated.

One good scare, an easy-on-the-ears soundtrack, good actors, decent characters, decent ghost design, decent plot, decent . . . decent . . . decent. This is a decent movie. Its totally unremarkable. For every high (and there are a few) it has two lows. That’s not to imply that it’s below average, because it isn’t. It’s well above (as my score indicates). But set against the generally high-standards of ghost films, it comes off as “average”.

7/10--a good ‘overall’ movie that comes up as “average” when stacked against the relatively strong competition from other films of its ilk.



28 Days Later : 7/10
8mm : 9/10
Alien : 6/10
Audition : 7/10
August Underground : 5/10
Battle Royale : 8/10
Cannibal Holocaust : 9/10
Dawn of the Dead : 5/10
Day of the Dead: 8/10
The Dead Zone : 7/10
Donnie Darko : 10/10
The Eye: 7/10
Elephant : 6/10
Freaky Friday : 8/10
Ginger Snaps : 7/10
Hardcore : 6/10
Hellboy : 6/10
House of 1000 Corpses : 4/10
House of Sand and Fog : 9/10
Hulk : 10/10
Irreversible : 8/10
Kill Bill Volume 1 : 8/10
Kung Pow! Enter the Fist : 7/10
Last House on the Left: 3/10
May : 10/10
Memento : 8/10
Mulholland Drive : 7/10
Near Dark : 6/10
One Hour Photo : 9/10
Perfect Blue: 9/10
Requiem For a Dream : 8/10
Se7en : 9/10
Terminator 2: Judgment Day : 10/10
Thesis : 6/10
Underworld : 7/10
Willard : 8/10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 5) : A
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Perfect Collection : B-
End of Evangelion : A-

Stephen King's IT : 5/5 stars

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The Eye was a great film but the 5 last minutes were not really necessary (the big accident in the town with a lot of victims burnt alive)
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You know, I knew about that thread! That's where I got the idea to see it! Guess I just forgot it was there . . .

Where the hell are the mods?

You know that for three pages of threads, there's one The Eye review on each?

Page 1: mine
Page 2: X's
Page 3: space's

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