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Gabriella Lucia Hot-mi

Well, hello there, Gabriella Lucia Cilmi, nice to see you with high heels and no pants. Actually, I have no idea who Gabriella Lucia Cilmi is, other than a musician of some sort. But if she continues to look like that and continues to not wear pants while wearing high heels and rocking a cane, she'll do ok.

Ashley Greene hotness

Was TWILIGHT's Ashley Greene always this ridiculously hot? She's really emerged as a potent force for hotness in the last few weeks. Especially this pic in what seems to be a recent issue of "Star". Seriously, wow . And with Greene and Serratos caliber hotness in the TWILIGHT franchise, why aren't they more front and center? Somebody needs to do something about this.

Fox spreads for NYT

Holy fucking hell, some new outtakes courtesy of show that brunette goddess Megan Fox was doing some serious spreading for, of all things, a recent New York Times photoshoot (seriously, why not go spread eagle for Maxim, FHM or something?). I'm getting a little woozy looking at these so I'll take a short bathroom break and let you enjoy them.

Brittany moves Across

At some point, Brittany Murphy kind of disappeared into the ether, languishing in little seen independent or DTV films and the latest trailer for her most recent thriller, ACROSS THE HALL, doesn't seem like it's gonna change things. Here's a synopsis for you to chew on courtesy of Apple: A quiet night takes a dangerous turn when Julian (Mike Vogel) receives a frantic...

Thora, Taryn & Hilary

Remember that BONNIE AND CLYDE remake that was gonna star Hilary Duff and Kevin Zegers as the titular Depression-era fugitives that you thought was probably just some made up bullshit story out of WENN or something? Well, buckle up, kids, it's real. What's more, they just added Thora Birch, Taryn Manning, Rance Howard, Richard Tyson, Natalie Canerday and Cloris Leachman...

McAdams hates Cats

Rachel McAdams doesn't really hates cats, of course. What she hates is lying. Especially about her. So when Splash Page recently asked her about the rumor going around that she'd auditioned for a role in SPIDER-MAN 4 as possibly the Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy, she was quick to say " Fuck you, assface!! You tell one more lie about me and I'll eat your pancreas! Got it, fucktard?!...

Naked Krupa

Thank the Lord for Joanna Krupa. Seriously. As far as physical perfection goes, it doesn't get much more perfect than the Bar Rafaeli's and Joanna Krupa's of this world. And as if her mere existence wasn't more than enough to fill our spank banks, she decides to let us see her perfect naked form in December issue of Playboy. See the clearly NSFW nude perfection HERE or HERE .

Bikini: Adrianna Curry

What former "America's Next Top Model" winner Adrianne Curry lacks in personality, she certainly makes up for in physical appearance. Whatever you think of her and her Greg Brady fetish, you gotta admit, that's one smoking hot body she has. She's here during a recent photoshoot or something walking around in a delicious black bikini.

Jenny still balling

Over the weekend, Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to play a little basketball in a rather fetching black bikini because, obviously, that's the best way to play basketball. Today, she decided to play tennis in a similar (or the same?) black bikini and her ball juggling skills haven't really improved much. If she's training for some sort of sexy bikini triathlon, though, we gotta find out who...

Perry performs

Here's what Katy Perry wore to her Fontainebleau Hotel performance over the weekend after strutting around her hot ass in a pink bikini. It's not quite as enticing as the pink bikini but it's definitely worth checking out. I don't understand why she even bothered to change out of the pink bikini.

Taylor so crazy

Taylor Swift, seen here on the set of VALENTINE'S DAY alongside male Taylor "beefcake" Lautner and Emma Roberts (since this film has apparently become tween star central) doing what she probably thinks is "letting loose". She has to be so serious and uptight during her music career that she must just be giddy that she can do crazy poses, shout out loud, swing her hair around like some kinda...

Jenny's a baller

Jennifer Love Hewitt may not have the body she once did but she's still easy on the eyes in a bathing suit and what makes this particular set of her in Hawaii yesterday more interesting is that she decided to shoot some hoops while giving us some eye candy. Juggling balls may not be her best skill, though.

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