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Kara wets FHM

Neverending British soap "EastEnders" always manages to attract a healthy crop of hotties. In the most recent FHM, Kara Tointon, who's been on the show for four years, making her a relative newcomer, is profiled. She's not exactly obscenely hot but she can certainly hold her own in a bikini, playfully splashing around in a pool and spraying somebody's hose.

Smokin' Hot Snigir

So here's Julia Snigir in a recent issue of (international?) Maxim magazine. I haven't the slightest clue who Julia Snigir is and if someone knows, please feel free to explain below, but who she is really doesn't matter considering how unbelievably hot she is. She's like an Angelina Jolie-Sophia Vergara with just a sprinkle of Monica Bellucci hybrid mega-hottie. It's like she has...

JLo makes it too easy

Jennifer Lopez on the set of her new movie THE BACKUP PLAN looking to…aww goddammit, it's just too easy.

More Eva Calvins

Sexy hellcat Cherry showed you some color ads of Eva Mendes in her new role as Calvin Klein lust object/model not too long ago and today I'm showing you some black and white ads that also have a little something for the ladies (I mean, of course, a nice look at Eva's ass - the ladies love that, right?). There's also another mysterious presence taking up space in two of the pictures. Let's...

Evan Rachel Hot

Evan Rachel Wood has been doing some ridiculously hot shoots lately and while the one below from a recent issue of i-D Magazine isn't quite as awesome as, say, this one , it's still pretty damn awesome. Why is she only doing this in magazines? Why doesn't she take this to the big screen? It's only fair to her perv fan base.

Chesty Amy Adams

Maybe it's the angle of the picture or maybe we've never really gotten a good look at them but some pap recently caught dishy brunette Amy Adams on a recent movie set in this great form fitting dress carrying quite the load up top. Where has she been hiding these sweater puppets? Or more importantly, why has she been hiding them?

Hot Jessica Stam

A quick search tells me that Jessica Stam is some sort of Canadian model. A Canadian model who apparently likes to get naked in FHM, as you can see from the picture above. Which, of course, makes her pretty much like any other model ever. But, you know, she's hot. So…cool, right?

Veronicas are back?

Was there a band back in the day called "The Veronicas"? Or is there a more contemporary two girl band with that name? Not that it matters, really, because these two chicks in the August issue of FHM are hot. Like dirty hot. No matter how old they are.

Leighton talks size

" Come on, baby, I'm not that big…Well, maybe… " Please feel free to add your own captions below.

Danica vs. manboobs

The reversal of Danica Patrick signing some kid's fatty man-tits is appreciated but it's also really fucking gross so let's hope the next pair Danica signs are attached to someone with two X chromosomes. Preferably two hot X chromosomes.

Ana Beatriz Hot-os

Long time Victoria Secret supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros makes with the serious hot in the upcoming August issue of GQ. For whatever reason, the hetero male populace devotes much less wank time to Barros than we do to say Adriana Lima or Giselle Bundchen, which is a shame, really, because she's just as worthy, if not more so, of our spank bank as any other Victoria Secret supermodel.

Sasha is Flexible

Beyonce Knowles has decided to take on a new persona for her upcoming album, naming it "I Am…Sasha Fierce", because she claims her entertainment celebrity persona is different from her "normal" self or some similarly ridiculously stupid explanation that celebrities use to justify their dumb eccentric behavior. The point is that this Sasha person, as the below artwork for the album...

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