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The Sexy Ten Spot: Mila Kunis GIF party

Yesterday was my birthday so just like last year when I gave myself the best B-day GIFs ever, this year I'm planning on doing the same thing but with a Mila Kunis spin, so prepare for the perfect blend of cuteness and holy f*ck hotness within animated images in infinite loops. Bring on the GIFs!

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest villains in film

Who doesn't love a bad girl? Sure the good ones are fine for getting old and sh*t but for some fun wild moments be sure to call upon the sultry side of evil. We've had some delicious treats in film concerning evil women so for today, I've set my sights on trying to round up some of the finest examples of sexy villains, so start thinking of who would be in your Sexy Top Ten and see if any of...

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Pool Scenes

Summer is only a few months away so bikini season hasn't officially started yet, but in the meantime we can take a dip in a conveniently heated pool and take a look at today's SEXY TEN SPOT which focuses on sexy pool scenes that will get you all warm even if the water is cold. Remember any hot scenes that take place in a pool? Well, keep reading to see if it made the list and remember...

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Redheads

Times, they are a changin' and so what many of you used to know as the Sexy Six is getting an upgrade and will now be The Sexy Ten Spot. So now you'll be getting a lot more beauties for the same ol' price and what better way to start than with the ten sexiest redheads. So start thinking of some redhot babes and see if they're in today's Sexy Ten Spot. As a side note, I am aware that not...

The Sexy Six: Hot Robots

If you're looking for the perfect woman there's no better way of going about this than building your own, you can choose all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can program it to do whatever you want (there's probably going to be a huge "F" button somewhere). If that sounds like something you might do, I've compiled what I think are the six hottest robots (or ho'bots) in pop culture to give you...

The Sexy Six: Motorboatable Babes

Let me ask you one question. Why are you here? What's the number one reason you visit The nifty page layouts? The quirky writing? If I had to guess I would say it has something to do with two of God's greatests creations. BOOBS! I was going to do a "best boobs" list sooner or later but I still want to thank those fabulous schmoes at MFC for taking it to the next level with...

The Sexy Six: Batman Women

Everyone loves Batman, and here in MovieHotties, as you may have noticed, we love women, so it's about time we pay respect to both. All Batman media has filled us with so much awesomness it's hard to pinpoint one thing that makes the character stand out from others. From the fact that he has no superpowers to the coolest rogues gallery in existence. All those incredible elements tend to...

The Sexy Six: Desirable Jennifers

Today's Sexy Six will be brought to you by the letters "J" and "ennifer". It's pretty straightforward actually, I searched high and low for many famous and quasi-known actresses with the first name Jennifer and while I found plenty of "Hey it's that chick"s and some skanky non-big names, I think I ended up with a pretty mainstream list, but let me not spoil it for ya, start the slideshow and...

The Sexy Six: Best actress nominees from this century

The Academy Awards have been announced and I decided to take a look at all the pretty ladies that have been nominated for Best Actress in the last 11 years or so. I deem that time the moment the Oscars wanted to bring in more of THE SEXY! I felt it unjust to pit them against the sirens of the golden age of cinema since it was a different kind of beauty, and what about the women from the 80s &...

The Sexy Six: Golden Globes After Parties

It's the start of the year and awards season has arrived and that only means loads of hotties in fancy dresses showing up left and right. Just like last year I searched upon the after parties of the Golden Globes and picked those that stood out for me the most and just like that I have started a Sexy Six tradition. Now that all of the award ceremony's adventures and all of the red carpet hoopla...

The Sexy Six: Hotties to look for in 2012

It's a brand monkey spanking new year, we've already seen the Top 25 hotties of 2011 and we've handed out some virtual awards as well, so all that is left is for us to try and see what to expect in 2012, so in today's Sexy Six let's look at the hotties that might standout or breakout in 2012.

The Sexy Six: Santa Babes

It's that time again. Of carols and fake snow, of lights and gift cards, of fruit cakes and last minute shopping and whether you're soaked in the Christmas spirit, you don't celebrate or you're just bah-humbuging through it all, I'm sure there's at least one thing we can all be grateful for during this season, and that is slutty Santas. They're probably not the real Santas, maybe just some of...

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