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2x the Brad Clones

05.14.2008by: Cherry Liquor

The tabloids kept blaring it just as they've continually said that Brad and Angelina were getting married next week. No, next week. No, now they're broken up. You get the point.

Well, blame it on Jack Black and his big mouth in confirming that for once, the tabloids were getting it right. Angelina IS set to have twins from her latest impregnation. Oh boy. Or boys. Or girls. Whatever, we're getting two more of the Brangelina spawn and if Pitt's DNA works its Steven Tyler-like magic on the upcoming kids like it did with Shiloh, we're gonna have two more cute adorable little "blobs" (hey, Angie's word, not mine) to have to witness in the papers for years to come.

The full interview with Jolie and Jack Black is set to roll on Thursday on the today show. The two were doing their Cannes thang, promoting the latest animated movie that they're lending their voices to, KUNG FU PANDA. Apparently the interviewer was able to get out an approximate drop time for the kids as well. Personally, I don't care how philanthropic the Jolie-Pitts are. I still think Suri will out-hotness Shiloh in the future. Man... kinda makes one wonder what life was like when stars were discovered instead of bred.

Extra Tidbit: Angie's birthday is June 6th, making her a Gemini, the sign of... you guessed it! - the twins!
Source: accesshollywood



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