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3rd Time's Retarded

Apr. 24, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Carmen Electra is going to try her hand at wedded bliss once more. She recently announced that her boyfriend, Rob Patterson (the former touring guitarist for the band Korn), proposed to her during her birthday celebration last Sunday. She was so giddy, she almost popped an implant.

Carmen's been around the ball-and-chain block a few times before, first with her wedding to the outrageous cross-dressing NBA mess, Dennis Rodman - a marriage that lasted under a year - to former RHCP's guitarist Dave Navarro, a union which got itself its own MTV reality special, those creepy wedding invitations with them lying naked on morgue tables, reading "Til Death Do We Part" and three years of them canoodling in public until the CDC had to step in and recommend that they go their separate ways.

Carmen must be REALLY serious about this one, considering that she went and had the letter "R" tattooed behind her ear in Rob's honour. Thank the fiery demons in hell that it's simple and going to be easy enough to do cover work done on in a few weeks? Months? (I've attached a copy of that so you can blink at the stupidity for yourself.) Then again... there are a lot of guys out there in this world whose names start with the letter R.

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Extra Tidbit: In March 1997, Carmen was the model for a character who is a singer/vampire in the comic book series "Embrace."
Source: DListed


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