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Apr. 15, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

AnnaLynne McCord. That's her name. You probably don't know it unless you're a regular fan of the cable show "Nip/Tuck," where she plays the teenaged temptress Eden Lord. If I'd known the show had a chick who looked this hot strutting around on it, I might have actually turned on my TV for something other than watching DVDs or playing Wii.

The big news about McCord is that she was recently inked to star in the much talked about spin-off of that 1990's juggernaut, "Beverly Hills, 90210." Which sounds like some damn good casting to me. I don't think that either Kelly (and certainly not Donna) could have rocked the blonde vixen look the way that this hottie does.

And going back to the DVD thing, looks like I'll be adding DAY OF THE DEAD to my queue and checking out AnnaLynne (one word of advice though, chica... that whole two names and the last one being Lynne strikes too much of a Spears chord in the nation. Consider losing it) in her role as Nina on that. Even though I've heard bad things about the movie. Because sometimes, if you've got eye candy this hot, bad things aren't so very bad at all.

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Extra Tidbit: AnnaLynne's first role was as the Car Jacking Girl in TRANSPORTER 2.
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11:48PM on 04/15/2008
Damn, she's like a younger, sexier Cheryl Hines.
Damn, she's like a younger, sexier Cheryl Hines.
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