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90210 hottie Jessica Stroup heads to Las Vegas for her birthday

Oct. 22, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
It might have made more sense if Jessica Stroup one of the many names from the rebooted "90210" that I wonder who the hell is watching for them to have reached a 5th or 6th season by now, if she had gone to Las Vegas for a big blow out birthday were she turning 21. But it seems that the television "teen" was there to represent her 26th birthday at a club that was using her as a way to draw in crowds. I can't imagine how many people, in the middle of feeding the slots machines, thought, "That one chick from the new 90210 show is over at that club. No, not AnnaLynne McCord. No, not Shenae Grimes. No, not Jessica Lowndes. Aunt Becky? Pffft. You wish! The other one. Yeah, that other one, right?!?" Sorry, Jessica. I get the impression that you're a nice girl and all and without watching the show, I'm not sure the dynamic of your character but it feels a little like you're the Gabrielle Carteris of the group in terms of name recognition.

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Source: Daily Mail


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5:45AM on 10/22/2012
Pretty girl. Poor thing was absent the day they were handing out boobs though.
Pretty girl. Poor thing was absent the day they were handing out boobs though.
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