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Addison Timlin jumps from Californication to the pages of Esquire

Nov. 14, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not completely sure how I feel about Addison Timlin. I wish these pictures of the 22-year old Philly native were better - it seems as if the normally on-the-ball people over at Esquire dropped it when they did the photoshoot with her. Sure, Addison is in her underwear and there's plenty of skin to be see, and perhaps it's just me who sees the flaws with the filters or whatever they were using not capturing the best they could from the former "Californication" actress. Timlin has been bouncing around after her 2011 stint on the popular sexed-up show, moving from movies like STAND UP GUYS and BEST MAN DOWN to another show, "Zero Hour," that Anthony Edwards program which was canceled super-quick. She told a joke to the men's magazine that she learned from her STAND UP GUYS co-star, Al Pacino, but explains "He's not Al Pacino to me anymore. He's like Uncle Al. Which is ludicrous." You can read more about Addison in the current issue of Esquire, on newsstands now.

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Source: Esquire


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3:30PM on 11/14/2013
bewbs [link]
bewbs [link]
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8:08AM on 11/14/2013
Hot body.
Hot body.
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