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Adriana Lima makes you want to be a bicycle seat

2 years agoby: Droz

She's making me feel awfully jealous of biking equipment anyway. Looks like Adriana Lima was filming a thing for some sort of Victoria's Secret gear somewheres, proving how completely awesome it is to be a women's bike seat. Maybe I'm just a perv (no maybes about it), but there's always been something erotic about a woman straddling a bike seat. Perhaps it's the clearly phallic look of the typical seat and the way a woman must plant themselves on it, their inner thighs wrapped around it tight, their asses spreading off it as they work their legs up and down. Pretty sure that's what Freddie Mercury was getting at with that Fat Bottom Girls song - just big, plump asses engulfing tiny bike seats. Although why Freddy found that appealing remains a mystery. Unlike Freddie, my appreciation for the logistics at play when a woman mounts a bike are instantly turned to revulsion when the bike-rider switches to being a guy. Same process, completely different reaction. I've almost caused wrecks for fear of man ass on bicycle seats. That's just not anything I want to see.

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Extra Tidbit: It's especially torturous when the hotties do that thing were they sort of slide themselves half onto the seat while waiting at the stop light, so that the tip of the seat is rammed into their ass. That's like three quarters porn right there.
Source: HollywoodTuna


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