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The bizarrely sexy Adrianne Curry is Raptor Jesus at Comic-Con

Jul. 13, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I was right to assume "cosplay" lover Adrianne Curry would pick out something off-the-wall to wear at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, but wrong to assume it would be all sorts of sexy. Adrianne, whom despite those Rocky Horror eyebrows has zero relation to Tim Curry, is currently turning heads in a different way with her Raptor Jesus costume. For those who aren't familiar with this internet meme, the raptor who will extinct all your sins, this is basically the idea...


It's the Jurassic Park raptor's head on Jesus's body. That's all it is. If this isn't the weirdest, most edgy thing this year to go through the "Stan Lee's World Of Heroes" press line, I'd like to see who breaks that record. Whether the joke is barely funny or not a joke at all, at least Adrianne's a lot more in the circle of nerds than the next girl to come out of America's Next Top Model. Yet it still would be nice if she'd put on something like that sexy Aeon Flux costume for her fellow comic-readers. There would be many more dudes stopping her for photos, I can promise that. She can always make up for that next year. Let's just hope she doesn't choose to take on Jaws Buddah or something.

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Source: Zimbio


Drool Back
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6:55PM on 07/13/2012
She's messed up.
She's messed up.
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