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Adrianne Curry once again goes batty and catty with the cosplay at Comic-Con

Jul. 28, 2014by: Droz

Every year come Comic-Con time, Adrianne Curry crawls out from her hibernation chamber, wraps herself in some geek-related costume and unleashes her hotness on a mass of unsuspecting SDCC attendees. Catwoman was only one of Adrianne's characters of choice this year. She apparently did at least one costume change, going from Catwoman to Silke Spectre. The one thing I can always say for Adrianne is that she looks great in her costumes. I can't say the same for many others. I don't want to be too much of a dick. I know dressing up is a fun thing for a lot of folks to do at any convention. I just wish more people would take a look at themselves in a mirror before they show up in a costume like Adrianne's. Just try to take an objective view of their appearance before they leave the house. Adrianne was adeptly rocking the skin tight homages to her favorite characters. She's built for that though. Not everyone is created equal there. We all know who belongs in skin tight and/or barely there garments and who doesn't. It's no mystery. It would be so nice if folks could identify where they fall in that balance and act appropriately. That's all I'm saying.

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Extra Tidbit: Adrianne put that whip to good use, literally whipping a dude who was getting fresh with her friend dressed as Tigra there. Rawr!!!
Source: Hollywood Tuna


Drool Back
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9:43AM on 07/31/2014
B:TAS-style Catwoman! Very, very nice.
B:TAS-style Catwoman! Very, very nice.
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