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Agron, Cornish, Cuoco, Dobrev, and Saldana are 5 hotties who came out to celebrate the 25 most powerful stylists

03.15.2013by: Cherry Liquor
I should probably be upfront and just tell you that out of all the women who showed up to this 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood party, the reason why the larger number of pictures are of Abbie Cornish is that I adore me some lovely, talented Aussie women. Not to say that I'm not also a huge fan of Kaley Cuoco, who has seriously developed one of the most perfect comedic deliveries since Christina Applegate. As far as Dianna Agron goes, I think she's a lovely creature but the more I look at her, I don't think there's very much going on behind that beauty. Nina Dobrev looks perpetually too young for me and I'm the one one Hotties who does the majority of pointing out the latest legal meat. As for Zoe Saldana, she no longer holds any appeal to me. She can look pretty with photoshop but other than that, I'm so turned off by her skeletal frame. She was was lithe, petite, dancer-thin. Now she just makes me cringe. But yeah, all these chicks were celebrating their stylists this week, as they should, since they all have managed to take their various cookies and make them sparkle. Or something fashionista and shit.

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Source: Hollywood Life



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2:11PM on 03/15/2013
Agron is the hottest of the bunch for sure.
Agron is the hottest of the bunch for sure.
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