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Alessandra Ambrosio prances around behind the scenes in her undies

Jan. 31, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Here's Alessandra Ambrosio preparing for a photoshoot wearing a decidedly sexy little pair of undies. Or is that a bikini? God, those things look so much alike, don't they? Given these aren't the most focused pictures and it looks like they were taken from a mile away...I don't know. Something tells me the taking of these pictures 't exactly allowed, but there's a difference between what is allowed and what is right. These behind-the-scenes and probably pretty illegal pictures show off Alessandrain a very realistic (but still extremely sexy) light. The woman isn't perfect, but who is? She does, however, continue tolook absolutely gorgeous and even though these middle-aged grips and gaffers and electricians were mere feet away from this beauty and the only thing they could do wasgo home after work and jerk off while their wives were banging on the bathroom door yelling at them to "hurry the f*ck up! Dinner's getting cold and your bastard son needs help with his homework!" I still kind of envy them, you know? Sigh. Someday, Alessandra. Someday!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

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2:56PM on 01/31/2014
She's pretty, but she has no ass.
She's pretty, but she has no ass.
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