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Alessandra Ambrosio shows off leggage and ridiculous hotness on the runway

Apr. 7, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Thank God for Alessandra Ambrosio. Not only one of the hottest MILFs out there, she's just all around one of the most gorgeous women I've had the pleasure of writing about time and time again. I know for a fact if I was even half as pretty as Alessandra in male form, I'd accept all the free drinks from women I could handle and whenever some middle aged lady I bumped into at a party the other week started "making it rain" on me with twenty dollar bills, I'd oil myself up and start rolling around like I was on a daytime television game show, but not this lady. Nah. She works her beautiful ass off with various photoshoots and modeling gigs and so on and so forth and this time is no different. Case in point, here she is looking as good as she always does at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia. Here she is with a short skirt, revealing torso, long flowing hair and Oh my Gawd! The skirt that's showing off those long legs of hers is also ridiculously amazing and instead of writing more, I'm just going to sit back and drool over the insane amount of hotness going on here.

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9:51PM on 04/07/2014
Those cheekbones could cut glass.
Those cheekbones could cut glass.
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