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Alexa Vega spied herself some boxes of peroxide before hitting up ESPN party

Jul. 12, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I think it's a shame that Alexa Vega is going to have a hell of a time to escape being known as "the girl from SPY KIDS," since she is a pretty young thing who really should be booking more work than just the indie shit that she keeps slogging through. Aside from hitting up MACHETE KILLS, which she might have just agreed to be in because her former co-star from SPY KIDS, Machete himself, Danny Trejo, asked her to be in.... I am seeing a whole lot of nothing interesting on her IMDB upcoming resume. Maybe this is why she's going to things like the celebration party ESPN threw for their 2012 Body Issue. If Alexa is really looking to shake things up, why not pose nude herself and get some more mileage out of that pair of tits she bought. Since her marriage to Sean Covel is on the rocks (the two were married in 2010 and are currently listed as being separated), what's stopping her from getting more frisky?

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Source: Superior Pics
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