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Alexandra Burke and her healthy bikini body in Miami

Jan. 8, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Having gotten her start on the original "X Factor," when it was airing on the BBC back in 2008-2009, there isn't much that I know about singer Alexandra Burke other than the fact that these healthy caramel colored curves strutting around on a Miami beach sure are a great departure from the other teeny-tiny skinny girls who have been baring their bods on the beach lately. She's a fit girl with a realistically thin woman's body - muscle shows along her torso, arms and thighs - and she looks casual and comfortable even when paps are busy trying to hunt her down in the sand. Having performed over the weekend with T.I., Busta Rhymes and French Montana, not to mention the Twitter shout-out she gave to another performer, Drake, praising him for "killing it" during his set. Personally, I think she kills that bikini in the manner in which she was suggesting the singer killed his performance.

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Source: Daily Mail

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