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Ali Larter can simultaneously pump gas and look sexy. Success pose!

Jan. 16, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Most of the time I come across pictures of celebrities pumping gas, they're usually not giving a shit and trying to get in and out as quickly as possible. Today, however, Ali Larter is giving us something a little bit different and I think the world, as a whole, is better for it. Who knows what's going on here? Whether she's stretching or doing some interpretive dance or just giving the annoyingly ever-present paparazzi something new, Ali is looking just fine doing it and the more stretches and poses she finds herself in, the better. If only she had done the touch-your-toes stretch facing away from the camera people. Oh, we'll. Maybe one of these days. I'm also digging the fact that she decided to wear something that's showing off so much leg. Those things go on for miles and these pictures are making me miss the days where hot stewardesses came up to your car dressed down and sexy and pumped your gas for you. Wait, that never happened? Okay..

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10:22PM on 01/16/2014
Still looks great after all of these years.
Still looks great after all of these years.
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8:38PM on 01/16/2014

So hot

Always loved her.
Always loved her.
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