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Ali Larter wears her skinny jeans 70s style

May. 1, 2013by: Droz
Ali Larter was out somewhere the other day, doing her sexy thing in a set of throwback skinny jeans. I'm getting a little Charlie's Angels vibe from her here. Too bad she didn't exist like this back when that show was big. She'd have fit right in. Nowadays, I don't know what Ali is famous for, other than having had an actual career half-a-decade ago. Most of her time is spent being a MILF who looks great crossing the street or parking lots. Where is she always going though? And why does she never have her kid with her? Probably wont do to have a screaming kid on your arm while you're out trying to make yourself seen. I guess if making a good impression to the media is her ultimate aim, then I'm doing my part here to make sure Ali regains her former glory. She'll be well on her way to that end if she keeps wearing pants like these.

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Drool Back
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10:50AM on 05/02/2013
A definite Babe , our Ali .
A definite Babe , our Ali .
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7:28PM on 05/01/2013
Still beautiful
Still beautiful
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