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Alice Eve makes Fashion Week feel like Christmas Eve

Sep. 20, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Before I go on to write about this next hottie, I just want to make it clear that she's out of your league (ahhhh, you see what I did there?). British bombshell Alice Eve is pretty much out of everyone's league, with her killer accent, a killer Cheshire Cat smile and a killer body. She may as well be Jack the Ripper if I continue to describe her other killer qualities. I must admit in shame and fear, I recently watched about 40 minutes of SEX AND THE CITY 2, and I would no doubt proclaim it to be a huge waste of time, had it not been for Alice Eve's role in it. There were a couple scenes where she bounced around in slow-motion as well as one of the greatest wet t-shirt moments I've ever seen on film. Don't get me wrong, other than that it's the shittiest crapterpiece I've ever laid eyes on. But it goes to show you that a beautiful hottie like Eve can make even the most absurd film watchable. MEN IN BLACK 3 (an alright film) could have definitely put Eve in more wet t-shirt situations, but I digress. At least she's popping up more and more as time goes on, causing other things to pop up in the viewers' trousers.

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