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Alicia Silverstone hotness keeps my high school fantasies alive

Sep. 4, 2012by: Droz

So good to see that my chief object of desire in high school, Alicia Silverstone, is still capable of starring roles in my private sex fantasies. Sure, there might be a little more to her now than their used to be back in the old CLUELESS days, but as her spread in Bullet magazine shows, there's plenty of Alicia still preserved there for anyone who would have gladly sipped from her bathwater back in the day. Hell, I'm actually digging those curves, as I am want to do most of the time. As long as she's still got those pouty lips intact, I'm totally down for whatever she's bringing. Though it's got to be a little annoying to her how inexorably tied she is to CLUELESS and all it's corny 90s kitsch. She's still better positioned nostalgically than those poor bastards of today that will suffer a lifetime of being associated with hipster culture. Best to put them out of their misery now, I think.

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Drool Back
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8:00PM on 09/04/2012
Okay , that last pic. is outta this world !!
Okay , that last pic. is outta this world !!
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