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Alicia Witt's still got "it" at the 6th annual Art of Elysium Pieces of Heaven show

Feb. 25, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
Redhead lovers unite! It's the magnificent Alicia Witt and her outstanding head of fiery hair looking captivating in a bright yellow dress for the Art of Elysium's Pieces of Heaven art show, the 6th annual of its kind. Witt was absorbed in checking out the artwork and thankfully there was a photographer at the event so that we can be absorbed in her. The only thing that I'm not entirely sold on is the mom-ified haircut that she's been sporting. I know that with her more dignified TV roles that the cut must be a requirement (part of the reason why I love that Mariska Hargitay is no longer on SVU, now we can enjoy her magnificent mane better) but I will forever hear or read Witt's name and be cast back to the time that I watched MR HOLLAND'S OPUS and was wowed by her long, silken ponytails. Those were the days.

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Source: Superior Pics

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9:18AM on 02/25/2013
Digging her.
Digging her.
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